All visitors and prospective players are very welcome. 
We have two artificial greens and one of the the largest memberships of any bowling club in Hawkes Bay. 
​​​​​​​Bowls Taradale is an adjunct of the
Taradale Club.

Address  55 Wharerangi Road, Greenmeadows.
The bowling greens are behind the Taradale Club.


  • Secretary ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​- Alan Dustow  ph 8451453 


ROLL-UPS - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.
Names in by 12.45 pm
​​​​​​​.  Visitors are very welcome.

Bowls Taradale runs several types of Pathways Coaching Programmes that are FREE to Our Members 

1. Explore and Learn Introduction Bowls 
2. Foundation Coaching
3. Development Coaching
4. Advanced Coaching.

With six Qualified Coaches and several Coaching Mentors ALL bowling opportunities are catered for: 
New players, Social roll ups, Competitive roll ups  Club Competitions,  Club Championships, Rep Player Aspirants.

Sessions are held during the week as well as the weekend for those who work.

For further detail contact :
Les Glock : cell  0276 127 749,  06 8432 486, 
e-mail :
lsglock@xtra.co.nz   or

Sheryl Glock : cell  0273 535 054,  06 8432 486, 
e-mail :

At BOWLS TARADALE  - We have Opportunities -
7 DAYS per WEEK.”




    President - Ken Gilligan
    Vice President - Malcolm Abernethy

    Immediate Vice President - Warren Whyte
    Secretary ​​​​​​​- Alan Dustow
    Treasurer - Brian McCarthy
    Club Captain - Rex Dunn
    Committee - Cheryl Simpson, Bruce More, Darryl Le Claire, Murray Pilmer, June Taylor
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Centre & Adjunct Delegates - Brian McCarthy, Cheryl Simpson


    Match Committee - Brian McCarthy (Convenor)
    Tournament Committee - Malcolm Abernethy (Convenor), Mike Downing, Phil Lamason, Cam Parnell, Adrian Barker, Lyn Bowcock, Rex Dunn, Murray Pilmer,
    Greens  - Bruce More (Coordinator)
    Green Bookings - Malcolm Abernethy
    Judicial - Darryl Le Claire, Phil Norman, Warren Whyte
    Tuesday 2-4-2 Coordinators - Jill Affleck (Convenor), Cheryl Le Claire, Ruth Spittle, Heather Cullen, Sue Redman, Lyn Bowcock, June Taylor ​​​​​​​


    Umpires - Sherrill Taylor, Warren Whyte
    Coaches - Sheryl Glock, Sheryl Viggers, Robert Rae, Cam Parnell Les Glock, Eddie Slagter
    Junior Development Coordinators - Sheryl Glock, Les Glock
    Men's Selector -  Robert Rae
    Women's Selector - Robert Rae
    Gardiner Shield Selector -  Robert Rae​​​​​​​
    Junior Selector -  Robert Rae


      Website - ​​​​​​​John McLaughlin
      Facebook - Sheryl Glock
      Membership - Brian McCarthy
      Newsletter - John McLaughlin
      Publicity/Results - Sheryl Glock
      Sponsorship - Bruce More (Coordinator)
      ​​​​​​​Facilities - Darryl Le Claire (Coordinator)


        Welfare - Cheryl Le Claire
        Financial Reviewer - Kerry Christensen
        Raffles - Murray Pilmer (Coordinator)
        Gala - Cheryl Simpson
        Catering - June Taylor (Convenor)
        ​​​​​​​Health and Safety - Darryl Le Claire


        Life Members - Wilma Ennor, Lex Parsons, Peter Townrow, John McLaughlin


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