Campion College


The College endorses all students playing sport for the College.  Release of students to organisations outside the College is an exception and is generally not encouraged.

Any student who opts to play for a club and who has not received clearance from the College: 

  • Is not eligible for any inter-school sports fixtures within that code.
  • Is not eligible for any school sports awards within that code.



Sport is seen as an integral part of the development of the total person and playing sport within the College framework is a key component in helping build a vibrant learning community.  All students are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability in playing sport for the school as part of our College community.


1          All students are to be encouraged to take part in College based sports activities as part of their ongoing development.

2          Students are to play for the school teams if the code has been offered by the College.  Where the school does not provide for a sporting code effort will be made to liaise with neighbouring schools and clubs so individuals can maintain involvement in the sport of their choice.

3         If a sporting code offers the opportunity for students to play both for the school team of their ability and for a club team  then students will be released to the club upon individual application and conditional that in doing so it does not  compromise the ability of the student to play for the College team.

4          In team sports, students attending practice and meeting reasonable participation requirements are entitled to game time  on a regular basis.

5           Fair play principles are to be encouraged in all codes.

6           All sports offered in the College will be under the control of the Principal.

7           The Head of Physical Education has overall responsibility for the functioning of all sports in the College

8           College funds shall be budgeted annually to assist each code.

Current position of Sporting Codes

The sporting codes have the following policies in relation to students playing for schools and clubs.

NETBALL:    Student can only play for a club if written permission granting a release is received from the school.

RUGBY:        Student can play for another school if the both schools agree. Students can play for a club if released by the school.

FOOTBALL:  Student does require a release to play for a club if they have previously played for school.  NB: Past practice has shown that when the College does not give consent that Football Assn allows for a transfer when requested by the parent.

HOCKEY:      Student can play for the Campion team in the Secondary Schools league and have been released to play for a club as well. Students can play at both levels.