Carrington Croquet Opportunities

Both Association and Golf Croquet formats are available at our Carrington location.  Player numbers are low, however, there is always a warm welcome to those interested in learning to play either, or both, formats of the game.

A bit about each format:

Association Croquet
This format is the traditional game.  We play regularly with Masterton Croquet Club during the summer months.  Members also compete in various Wairarapa Croquet Association or internal club competitions.  We are happy to provide coaching to those interested in learning.

Golf Croquet
This is a faster and arguably more social game that is quick and easy to learn.  We can also provide coaching to those that are keen to play this format of the game.

For any enquiries about Croquet at Carrington please call Robin on 06 222 4000.


No Jump shots (refer shot type information) in normal play or practice in the Winter season.

The lifter MUST be used to remove all hoops at the end of play, ALL YEAR round.

Damage to the croquet lawn must be kept to a minimum.