Central Football's values are the core beliefs the organisation upholds. They are principles that provide us with purpose and direction, are pivotal to how we act and set the tone for our interactions within the game. Central Football stives to live and articulate those values in all we do, and in doing so be transparent to our stakeholders in all our actions. The below information shows some of the ways our values are enabled and publicly displayed.  ​​​​​​​


A constitution is an aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a society, organisation or other type of entity and commonly determine how that entity is to be governed. Central Football’s constitution, along with the other five Federations, is set by New Zealand Football in accordance with FIFA requirements which align the Federations through our national governing body to the global governing body of FIFA. 

Board and Board meetings

The composition of the Board is determined by the Constitution, which also requires the Board to meet a minimum of eight times per annum. Board meetings are set annually with the meetings for 2024 being:

  • Monday 12th February 
  • Sunday 17 March
  • Monday 6 May
  • Monday 27 May - Annual General Meeting
  • Monday 24 June
  • Monday 19 August
  • Saturday 5 October
  • ​​​​​​​Saturday 23 November

Annual Reports for each financial year are available in April of the ensuing year and a record of all annual results can be found by searching “No.4 District Federation of New Zealand Football T/A Central Football Incorporated” on the Incorporated Societies Register.     

Policy and Compliance

Central Football has a number of Board set policies to ensure the organisation acts in a compliant and best practise manner, both in the governing of the game and in the best interests of the game. This includes setting a high standard of conduct and ethical behaviour within the organisation (Board and Staff) and to ensuring the game is protected. In terms of game protection this includes but are not limited to Safeguarding and our Working with Children Policy.  

Many of the policies/regulations that relate directly to the playing of the game are set by New Zealand Football, for full list of which can be accessed by clicking here.


The New Zealand Football Disciplinary Code determines infringements of the rules in FIFA, New Zealand Football and Regional Association’s regulations and codes, determines the sanctions incurred, regulates the organisation and function of the Judicial Bodies responsible for taking decisions and the procedures to be followed before these bodies.

Ethics Process

Central Football is committed to promoting responsible and respectful behaviour to ensure people feel safe when involved in football in New Zealand. The Disciplinary Code is designed to protect and deal with on field events but unethical behaviour across any part of the game will not be tolerated. Below are examples of unacceptable behaviours which should reported to the Chief Executive Officer of Central Football. 

·           Unethical, dishonest or illegal behaviour.

·           Harassment (sexual or otherwise).

·           Bullying.

·           Misconduct.

·           Unlawful discrimination.

·           Offensive / insulting language or behaviour.