Helping to train todays Athletes for the future, lead from the front.”


CAP built its reputation on the way we trained Netball Athletes. We are known for our crazy fast feet drills and the way we teach mechanics to Athletes however, we want to take our training beyond this where we actually encourage and help teach our Athletes to implement the training they have learnt at CAP into their game.

We aim to provide every Athlete a professional, innovative and creative training experience that helps to support their own achievement related to their sports goals. 

‘Centurion’ means, leaders of the future. Our name and brand stands for high quality training provided for Athletes today in preparation for them to lead in the future for their chosen sports. Centurion Athletic Performance (CAP) was built on passion, faith, lifting and a vision to revolutionize the way Athletes train and perform.  At CAP, we believe in second chances and the opportunity for all Athletes, regardless of their status, age, culture, background or level, to train like an Elite Athlete. Our way of training offers a variety of innovative and creative drills and exercises that not only challenges them physically but, mentally. 

A CAP program is built around four pillars which we will always cover in all of our training sessions. They are;





All four pillars will help any Athlete regardless of what goal or sport they play, to reach their peak performance for game day. We believe that if any one of these pillars are missing or less than 80%, an Athlete will never be able to perform or train at their best or near 100%. 

CAP was founded and created by twins, Mallory and Malcolm Toeaiga, who had a passion for training and watching Athletes grow and become better in their chosen sports. They both have a love for mechanics and movement and have grown to learn and expand on their knowledge to better train Athletes today in different sports.