The CHB Junior Football Club is a community organisation run by a very small number of volunteers.

Without the active involvement of our parents and volunteers the club would not exist. If you can help in anyway please let us know. Volunteers can help in a great number of ways. Some examples are;

*Being the 'team leader' to make sure your team is organised
*Coaching your team on a Saturday and where possible for practices during the week
*Seeking sponsorship/funding opportunities
*Data inputting
*Liasing with Schools
*Helping set up the BBQ, equipment etc from around 8am on a Saturday
*Helping with 'pack up' at the end
*Doing the white lines around the pitches perhaps 3 times during the 10 week season
*Organisational activities

Our income is derived from membership fees, fundraising events, local businesses and grants from funding agencies such as community trusts.  To see a full list of our sponsors  Click Here

The Club committee is responsible for policy, strategic goals and general administration of the club. We do work with Central Football for our training courses and guidelines.

Players register through their primary schools and are then entered as teams to participate in our season as above. The CHB Junior Football Club does trial, select and coach two teams to play in the HB League, these teams are coached by the club and will have 'home games' at Russell Park, and otherwise travel the other weekend's to HB.

Our assets consist of football equipment (balls, gear bags, nets, flags, uniforms, etc), goal posts, and the energy and efforts of our volunteers.

We support children from the schools throughout the area in the enjoyment, companionship and the physical and mental challenges of playing football.