50 Bannockburn Road, Cromwell

The Cromwell  motorcross track  is situated on the edge of Cromwell and is kindly donated by the Central Otago District council. The track has been in our community for over 30 years now bringing  a great facility  to not only our local community but those  as far as Queenstown , Wanaka and Alexandra. 

To ride the track you must be a member of the COMCC and hold a paid track access  - you can register for this under  "Track access & membership"

Cromwell Track Rules apply at all times:

  • If you are a track access member and choose to have friends ride with you, you are resposnsiable to ensure that they pay their riders fee into the honestly box  and side the disclaimer. The track is now being regulary checked by committee members and monitored via survaliance cameras. 
  • Ensure the gate to the track is locked after you enter and exit the track
  • All riders ride this track entirely at their own risk
  • No 85cc mx bikes or bigger on the mini track
  • Helmets and appropriate safety gear must be worn at all times
  • No riding under the influence of illegal substances
  • Always ride the track in the direction of markers or the direction of the attendant
  • No riding alone at all times
  • Riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Illegal riding will result in a ban or prosecution for trespassing
  • Low speed at all times in the car park area
  • NO parking on the viewing plateform 
  • If you are caught after a warning not following the track rules set by the COMCC we will block you from using the track.