Cromwell College Netball

Cromwell College has approx 100 students per year playing netball in the Central Otago Competition at the Alexandra Netball centre.  There are Junior teams (Year 7&8), Intermediate teams (Year 9&10), and Senior teams (Years 11-13),  The trials have all been completed and players allocated to teams.  

The first day of competition is on the 8th May 2021 and the season will run through to approx 14th August 2021, depending if any days are lost to bad weather. Games each week consist of 4 x 10 minute quaters. 


Please go to the registration tab, complete the information, then submit.  Some of this information is shared with Central Otago Netball Club so they can complete their database for NNZ.


The fees for 2021 are as follows:

Year 7&8            $100.00

Years 9-13          $120.00

There is an option however, to subsidise the fee by $25 if you wish to sell whittakers chocolates.  Please indicate this option on the school permission form and we will organise this for you.

The fees are payable either by cash/eftpos at the school office, or online into bank account 06-0921-0065749-00.  Please use your child's name as reference along with Netball.  These fees are to be paid in full by Friday 21 May 2021, unless you have made prior arrangements with the accounts department.

If there are any issues of financial hardship, please make contact and we will attempt to help.


Playing uniform will be issued prior to the grading day of competition.  This is either a netball dress or a skirt and top.  It is expected that this will be kept in good condition and returned clean to the team manager at the end of the season.  Players must wear the correct uniform, including white ankle socks and no visable tops or tights under the uniform. You may wear black sport shorts under your skirt/dress as long as they cannot be seen.  Hair is to be tied up off your face.  All jewellery is to be removed, including tounge and belly button rings/studs.  A medical alert braclet is permitted to remain on while playing.


As the weekly competition is in Alexandra, it is the responsibility of parents/caregivers to transport their child to the games each saturday.  Please contact your team manager if you are having trouble getting your child to a game.


Team managers and/or the coaches will inform players exactly when they have practices.  Practices are held at Cromwell College.  All players are expected to attend all of their team practices.  If a player can't attend their practice for a legitimate reason, it is their responsibility to contact the coach or manager prior to the practice starting.


Both the Intermediate and Senior A teams attend the Otago Secondary School Tournament on 13th & 14th June in Dunedin.  The Intermediate A Team also attend the Junior SISS Tournament in Christchurch on 12th - 14th July.  The Senior A team attend the Senior SISS tournament which is in Timaru this year from the 30th August - 2nd September 2021. The Junior A Team attend the Central Lakes Primary Tournament in Alexandra during early August.  This date is to be confirmed.

Megan Anderson

Sports Co-ordinator / TIC Netball

027 2548698

Mason Stretch


03 4451121