Eastbourne Bowling Club


President’s Corner

Several members of the Tuesday playing group have stated their displeasure of finding only a very limited supply of “CLUB” bowls left in the locker room when preparing to play on Tuesdays. This is caused by some players assuming they own the bowls they use, and obviously like, so either take them home or store them in a locker at the Club so that they have sole use of them. More than half the sets of bowls supplied by the Club are “missing”. Can this be construed as “theft”.???? I appeal to those players to please return the bowls to the area inside the locker room for the use of all bowlers. Should the above action not take place we will have no alternative but to initiate stricter rules as to the use of Club bowls.


Your Committee has met twice since the last Newsletter and Minutes of the meetings are on the table at the entrance to the Club rooms.

Club Activities

            The Reddaway family hosted a farewell event to the late Peter Reddaway at the Club on 29 July which saw a good turnout.  We will miss the ‘brown bombers’ at Pennants matches.  We have a corporate booking in August plus another in October with more to come we hope.

Bowling Events

The Gents Tuesday Limited bowlers continue bowling at Naenae Bowling Club albeit with restricted numbers due to the limit on rinks allocated to us.  The Ladies Friday Limited bowlers also continue bowling at Naenae.  The Fours mid-week winter competition is progressing with six games played to date with very mixed results for the EBC team. Thoroughly enjoyable but woollens required at start time as the Naenae rinks are very cold until the sun comes through. 


Our planning over the past few months for Re-sowing the affected areas of the green has , this week, been thrown into disarray due to no new bulbils (seeds) being available from source in the South Island. They have had too much rain and not enough frosts for the bulbils to grow. All clubs in New Zealand are affected by this. We are hopeful of obtaining a small portion of our order, made in March/April, to at least be able to sow areas on rinks one through to four. Failing this we will sow with brown fescue which will give us a reasonable playing surface on these rinks to ensure we can open as normal and then re-sow with bulbils when available. We will keep you advised.


            Membership now stands at 82 members with the membership applications of Keith Turner and Richard Ponder for Full membership having been approved by the Committee.  Welcome aboard both of you.


            The AGM and Prizegiving will be held at the Clubrooms on 8 August 2021 at 2.00pm we ask that you try to make the time available to attend both these occasions.  There will be some Constitution change proposals tabled as Motions.

            The SLOTTO is just about full so if you have $2 spare you will be in the running for a leg of pork.  The Club makes a $50 profit from each draw. 

During this “quiet” at the Club, the bar is open from 5pm on Tuesdays and 4.30pm on Fridays - if you feel like joining the small TGIF group.


Executive Committee