Eltham Netball Club 


Members of the committee.

As voted and passed at Eltham Netball Club Annual General Meeting 

Executive Officers:

The ENC Executive is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the club and is responsible for developing the strategies, policies and procedures for the effective running and development of the club. They are also responsbile for ensuring the financial viability & stability of the club.

Chairperson Carol Van Kerkhoff

Secretary Justine Clark

Treasurer Amy Hughes

Club Manager Ange Turahui

Executive Committee Members:

The committee is responsible for the day to day running of the club.  The members of the ENC Committee are

Chairperson Carol Van Kerkhoff

Secretary Justine Clark

Treasurer Amy Hughes

Club Manager Ange Turahui 

Member Rangikura Mete

Member Dayna Woodhead

Member Nicole Young

Fundraising Committee:

Full Committee