Harrier News 2022

                   Sat 13th Aug - A new course with a few bumps in it. Some would call it hilly, but what great views.

                         A good turnout on another fine day.  Next week will be the Hider handicap from Russleigh Drive off

                       Aberdeen, Dinsdale.  Different distances for everyone.

                  Sunday 7th Aug - Craig & Graeme joined Cambridge harriers for a 5k run on Discombe rd on a fine day.

                      Others training earlier at the cemetary.  Someone ran parkrun on Saturday while someone else ran in

                     an an adventure race in Whangamata.  This weekend coming we have another change to programme

                    as Clarke's farm is still not right for us to visit. So we are trying a new course on Caernarvon st from the

                   park.  A figure of 8 with different distances for all in Dinsdale.

                 Sat 30th July - Dennis won his age grade at the NZ cross country champs in Taupo over 6k with a new

                        record time. Well done. The rest of the club turned up for the Melva hcp over 2.5 & 4.3k.  A good

                        turnout on a fine afternoon. Stu 1st home just ahead of Sue & Joan.  Longer distance had Trevor

                       home ahead of Rob & Graeme. Next Saturday we have no run, but club track prizegiving at Girl guide

                      hall, Ham East.  *Sunday 7th August we are invited to join Cambridge on Pickering rd for a 3 or 5k walk

                    or run on a flat course starting from Discombe rd.  Meet at 1pm & remember to take a plate if you plan

                     on being their. 

                 Sat 23rd July - We had four club members travel to Ohope to run with Whakatane club from Maraetotara

                    reserve for 4k & 6.4k. Mark running 4k in 23.38, while Trevor 33.50, Craig 32.48 & Rob 31.32 (18 secs

                   apart on handicap for 6.4k).  A blue sky day with a fresh wind always better than a rainy day.

                   This weekend we have a change to the programme as it is to wet for Clarke's farm. So we will be meeting

                   at the top of Melva st for the Melva hcp on a new safe course over 2.5 & 4.3k.

               Sat 16th July - A wonderful day for a winter run/walk out of town from Annebrook rd. Out and over the

                     new highway and back, then along and down Popular lane and back. 3-4k for most. A good turnout

                    even with others away. No event next week but we have a small group going down to Whakatane to run

                   with them.  Week after we are out to the Clarke's farm. Note; Dennis ran at the Wai/Bop x/country champs

                   in Rotorua over 6k in a time of 24.46 and placed 1st in age group. 

                Sat 9th July -  Not a bad day for middle of winter with a better turnout than last week. Country roads on an

                    out n back course to the bridge to Fushia lane. Balloons to find to return & receive the chocolate reward.

                    This week coming is another new course from Matangi rd. Out over the new highway & back. See you all

                    on Annebrook road off Matangi rd, 2nd road on the right for a 3-4k walk/run.

                 Sat 2nd July -  A beautiful day on a new course with a small turnout.  Maybe members were enjoying the 

                    day or did not read instructions correctly for were to meet. This weekend we have another new course to 

                     try on Rosebanks Drive, off Woodcock Rd, off Tauwhare Rd.  The bridge to Fushia with balloons to find

                    to receive your reward. Flat 3-5k distance.  Allow time to get lost on your way for 1.30 start.

                     *Reminder to those that have not paid club fees yet, it covers membership until 31st March 2023.

                Sun June 26th - Craig joined Cambridge on a very steep farm run. This Saturday 2nd of July we will meet

                     on Tamahere Drive (Look for the club flag) for an out and back flat course of 3 or 4k. Find the balloon &

                    return for your reward.  Meet at 1.15.

                 Sat June 18th - Not a great day, but a good turnout for club x/country champs i was told. Thanks to club

                    members who helped set up & collect up afterwards. Sounds like a few puddles & a bit of rain.

                    This weekend is a Sunday run/walk with Cambridge club at 208 Maungakawa Rd, west of Cambridge.

                    Meet there at 1pm for 1.30 start. Come give it a go for 3 or 6k & bring a plate of food. 

                Sat June 11th - I wonder for what reason some members did not turn up to find a little gem in Hillcrest.

                   Some may of been away, others sat at home not wanting to get wet. The day cleared for those that

                   did turn up & enjoy the run or walk.  This coming Saturday we have our club x/country champs at 

                   Bremworth park over 1500m laps on grass, please bring a plate to share.

               Sat June 4th - Winter it is, but another fine day for hosting Cambridge from the girl guide hall. New course

                    with plenty of different paths to discover.  Thanks to everyone who turned up & those that helped.

                      We have a change to our club programme for this weekend walk n run. Lets go bush in Hillcrest by

                      meeting at cnr of Hudson st & Balfour Crescent near Riverlea at 1.15.

                 Sat May 28th - What a beautiful day out north for the Haka steps. 8 members walked & ran to the top.

                    Times taken ranged between 12.40 & 24.40 mins but who was closest to estimated time.?

                     This coming week lets all turn up to host Cambridge from the Girl guide hall at the cememtery.

                    Meet at 1pm for a 1.30 start & please bring a plate. Distances from 2-6.5k on a changed course.

                Sat May 21st  -  Super turnout for Trev's mile. Wonderful to see everybody out & about, so social.

                    An easy walk or run on a fine but windy day.   Thanks to Rob & Trevor for picking up markers.

                    This week coming we are out to climb the stairs at north end of Hakirimata range, Parker rd

                     (sign is missing) 1st road on left after Kauri Lane 9k north up Hakarimata Rd.  *Note for week after

                  we are hosting the Cambridge club from the Girl guide hall opposite the cemetery.

                    Looking forward to hearing from Dennis about his effort in a team adventure race over 12hrs.

               Sat. May 14th - The place to be on an Autumn day, Minogue park for a run or walk. Closest to estimated time

                   over 1 or 2 laps.   Small turnout of keen club members. Thanks to Mark for helping setup & pick up.

                  Thanks to Marion for timekeeping & to Brian for photo's.  This week is an easy flat course for all to try.

                  Meet at 1.15 for 1, 2 or 3 laps at 53 Orchard Ave at end of Sandringham rd off Tramway rd in Enderley.

                  July 23rd is a date to mark down if you wish to join some club members who are going to Ohope to

                    run & walk with the Whakatane club over  3 or 6k. See Craig if you want more details.

              Sat. May 7th - Another beautiful day for running or walking. Lots of fun & chatter along with doing best you 

                    could.Thanks to everyone who turned up and to Dave for the photo's.  This weekend we are at Minogue 

                    park for estimated time event over 1,2 or 3 laps of 2k.  Walk or run at your own pace along the tree lines

                     & railway lines.   Meet at 1.15 at end of Tui Ave,  Forest lake.

               Could we have had a better day. Good turnout with Brian taking a few photo's of the day.  A path that many                        had not walked before at just over 2k long.   This weekend we are out west of town for club team relay  

                    that everyone needs to attend to make it a good day. Walking & running (fast & slow) teams will be made                        up to be as even as we can. Arrive early so teams can be made up. Meet at end of Grandview Road,

                    Western Heights, Derek Heather park.

              An early start for 4 club members who went to Te Awamutu for the run around the golf course.

                      Dennis ran 9k in 38.49, Craig, Trevor & Graeme ran 6k in 31.15, 36.32 & 37.34.  This weekend we are

                     trying a new course at the top of Hamilton lake.  Meet down the path opposite Collingwood St for

                      distances from 2.2k up to 5k.   Parking along Ruakiwi Rd is best way to find the club flag.

               A new season and another fine day for walking or running.  We had a good turnout for opening day

                    of harriers.  Great to see members bringing along their partners. Thanks to Dave for the photo's taken.

                   Soon all the throwers will be coming along.  This Saturday we have an early start of 9.30 for the walk

                   (3 or 6k) or run (6 or 9k), on the Te Awamutu golf course. Enter online before 11am Thursday for $10

                 entry or enter on the day for $15.   Need to be there by 9am at latest.

              Harrier News 2021

                 Sat 2nd Oct - Those that turned up enjoyed a walk or run.  Nice to be outdoors somewhere different.

                         Thanks Craig for keeping us fit & showing us new places.

                 Sat 25th Sept - The last handicap event for harriers was held at Innes common on a new course.

                     A fine day with a good turnout again.  12 & half minute time spread between 1st starter & last, looking

                     for some close finishing. Henare home ahead of Dennis & Paul, then the rest followed with 2 special

                  club members stopping to help the fallen Marcia.  Thanks to all who helped collect up the course markers

                 afterwards.  Hope you all had an enjoyable day.  This Saturday we are heading out to Lake Ngaroto towards

                    Te Awamutu, meet there at 1.30. 

                Sat 18th Sept - Train spotting from the Frankton railway station on a fine day with a cool wind.  Flat

                      course with fast times expected.  Another good turnout for the Frankton handicap with members start

                   times spread out over 13mins with the hope to get everybody home close together. Loloma 1st home

                     just ahead of Dennis & Paul, then the rest in a steady stream.   Handicapper happy & looking forward

                   to another fast flat course for the Wiltshire lake handicap from Rimmington Drive, off Gilbass.

                Sat 11th  Sept  - A welcome return to walking & running.  Good turnout for the club road champs with

                      fine weather & just a bit of wind.  Craig has to apologise for getting the distance wrong for some.

                   The long loop was only 2800m & he should of sent members into Prinnbank to make it 3000m. 

                  So Dennis & Rob only ran 5.6k, The 5k runners were 200m short & Eliana & Gail only did 2.8k   Sorry guys.

                    Next week we will be running the Frankton handicap from the Frankton train station 2 or 4k.

                Sat 14th Aug - Hider handicap from Russleigh Drive turned out to be a good afternoon with a good turnout

                      of 13. Distances from 1.5 to 6k with an up hill finish.  Mark & Loloma off 1st followed by the rest with

                   Paul last off 19mins behind the 1st starters. 1st two home ahead of time was Te Ani just ahead of Toni,

                     then Mark running down Stu just before the line, followed by honest runner Graeme on target time  

                      then the rest followed in a steady line. Funniest part of the day was when i got to see Marcia hold up

                    traffic walking up the road instead of the footpath on her 2nd lap. This weekend has been postponed. 

                    Next weekend the 28th Aug is a club team relay fun day. Details to follow.

                     Want to know your time from Saturday? Te Ani 24.30 (6.08 k/rate) Toni 15.16 (5.40) Mark (5.50)

                     Stu 25.41 (9.30) Graeme 24.40 (6.05) Dennis 25.08 (4.11) Lolomoa 36.56 (9.14) Joan 29.55 (7.29)

                     Paul 18.18 (4.35) Meg & Eliana 24.00 (12.00) Gail 37.24 (9.21) Marcia 16.50 (12.00).

               Sat 7th Aug -  A small group turned up with a few apologies for the run/walk from the Fosters. Stu had

                     plans to get everyone lost, but the harrier captain had to make some amendments so that he did not

                    have to go looking for  lost athletes.  This week is a handicap event from Russleigh Drive off Aberdeen

                    Drive. 2/4/6k options with the nearly famous hill finish. Come & explore another part of Hamilton. 

                   Meet at 1.15 or earlier for a 1.30 start.  

                Sat 31st Jul - A wonderful day out at Clarke's farm. A good turnout once again, but were are the field 

                     event throwers from early in the season?  Maybe busy watching the Olympics.  Was nice to have the

                    Solomon's join us.  Super afternoon tea & a big thanks to Marion for hosting us again.  This weekend we

                     all get a chance to get lost (some are already good at this). Team leaders will be Trevor & Paul. Meet at

                    1.15 for 1.30 start.

                 Sat 24th July - A different day to last week, fine with no wind.  A good turnout for the handicap run/walk

                      Welcome to Te Ani, glad you had a nice time. Stu walked home ahead of time over 3k & Mark was 1st 

                    home over the longer 4.5k just under target time holding off Trevor by just 10 secs. Dennis ran at the

                    Waikato/Bop x/country champs in Rotorua, 1st home in age group over 6k in 25.16.   This coming Sat

                     we are invited out to Clarke's farm for an easy walk or run, pick your distance.  Meet at 1pm.

                 Sat Jul 17th - It could not of rained any more, but did not stop 4 club members along with drive along

                     cheerleaders the Mayall's from joining the Cambridge club for the 5k road run. It did stop raining tell

                     after we had started & then the wind picked up as we headed home. Well done lads for giving it a go.

                    I must ask Paul what he found over the farmers gate half way round. Truffles or the lost portaloo?

                     This week coming is the Melva handicap over 3 or 4.5k.  Super course with views across town & country.

                 Sat Jul 10th - A few day with a fresh wind down Bremworth. 10 starters for the 2 or 4k handicap run/walk

                      Handicapper looking for some honest times with most running under target time. Rob home 1st ahead

                    of Russell.   Next weekend we are being hosted by Cambridge on an easy flat course of 3 or 5k.

                  So please make  the effort to attend. Note earlier start time of 1.15pm & bring a plate for a cuppa after.

                 Sat Jul 3rd - A white winters morning that turned into a fine day i nthe sun for those that turned up

                       for an easy walk or run.   Marcia (crash, bang & fall over) Petley enjoyed the day out. This Saturday

                      is an easy walk or run that the handicapper will use to estimate members times for events coming up.

                      *Please note that the week after event with Cambridge is now on Saturday the 17th not Sunday.

                  Sun June 27th - The club had no crazy members go to Cambridge this year. Weather was wet all day but 

                     the club captain went out to splash around in the puddles to watch and was glad to not be running. 

                   Word round town was that P&J Daborn & G.Raill ran parkrun on Saturday.  This weekend we will be

                   running from the  yacht club as nobody is going to Taupo that i know of.

                 Sat Jun 19th - It could not of rained any more before the club's x/country champs. The weather did clear

                    for Craig to set the course & rain was not seen again for the day. A good turnout for the new 1500m

                     circuit with hills & bush to navigate.   Marcia, Betty & Jonas completing 1 lap while others did 2 -4 laps.

                     Thanks to everyone for helping pick up the course markers afterwards.  Next week is a Sunday event

                    out at Cambridge 3 or 6k.   Note; there maybe a change to the week after July 3rd, more to come.

                Sat Jun 12th - What a super day for heading out to the walk/run of the Haka steps at Parker rd. More like

                     an Autumn day than a winters day, which brought more members out than normal. 4 walkers went off

                   1st followed by those looking to win the wonderful trophy for the person who guesses their time correctly.

                   Stu off 1st followed by Loloma & Craig, then Trevor, Rob & last were the 3 speedsters Dennis, Paul & Jonas.

                    Meg, Eliana, Russell & Sue were waiting at the top with a great view north to Huntly & beyond.  Some quick 

                   times but who got closest to estimated, well someone was perfect, but who?  A gentle stroll back down

                   passing through the Kauri grove with no wind & the sun shining, perfect day.   This week coming we have

                  the club x/ccountry champs from Bremworth park.  Distances for all, walk or run, bring a plate please for a

                   cuppa afterwards. 

                Sat Jun 5th - Another great turnout on a day that was fine, somewhere new that even the event organiser

                      had not been before.   Course marked out on the eastern side with free range for those that crossed

                    over to the other side to Braithwaithe park.  Marcia got to have an iceream afterwards from Mr Wippey.

                     This weekend coming we are out to the Haka ranges for an easy climb to a lookout north & to visit an

                     old Kauri.  Leave early to allow for the extra distance.  9K north of Ngaruawahia on the western side

                    of the river, turn  into Parker road & arrive 400m up the road. Bring something warm as it can get cold

                     in the bush on the way back down. Run or walk it will only take between 12-20mins to the lookout.

                    We can car pool if you need, but you need to let me know by Thursday.

                Sat May 29th - Somewhere different out to Tamahere for a flat walk or run of 4.5k on a day that was

                    changeable. A good turnout with the weather holding off until we were about half way round. A little rain

                     & wind past over a all got wet, but enjoyed by those that came out.  Another new place this week is in

                   Flagstaff by the river wit h2/4 or 6k options.

                Sat May 22nd - A little bit out of the way, but it must of had members thinking as we had a good turnout.

                     Even without our summer throwers. Dennis & Jenny made sure we did not get lost & showed us the

                    lime cave. Jan was back at the house organising the spot for afternoon tea.  Lots of talk & enjoyment had. 

                    This Sat we are out at Tamahere school on Devine Rd, meet at the tennis courts.  4.5k distance on a flat

                     paved course.

                 Sat May 15th - It was a little wet early in the day, but turned out ok for the estimated timed run on an 

                        altered course.  More time amongst the train tracks was included with 1,2, or 3 lap options on the

                      new 2k course.   A good turnout & some close estimated times.  Winners within 5 secs of their times.

                    This Saturday we are out near Pirongia on Limeworks loop rd Te Pahu. Leave early to meet for a new trail.

                 Sat May 8th - We hosted the Cambridge club from the cemetery end of the Hamilton gardens. A good

                       turnout with 30+ runners & walkers. A changed course with multiple distance options on a mild day.

                     Lots of ups & downs amongst the changing colours of the trees. Thanks to the club members for

                     helping with set up & collection of markers afterwards. Thanks also to those that helped in the  kitchen.

                     The Cambridge club enjoyed their day with us.

                  Sat May 1st - A new location in Glenview around Resthills park. A good turnout with teams made up '

                         of runners  & walkers.   See facebook for more details.

                 Sat Apr 24th  - A new start to another harrier season.  Out to the Arboretum for a walk or easy run.

                    It was nice to see some of the summer throwers join us at a beautiful spot with the weather turning

                    it on for us. Look forward to seeing the missing club members this week. Meeting at 21 Dawn Rise 

                    this saturday for a new place to discover. Please keep May 8th free as we will be hosting Cambridge

                 from the gardens. 


                Harriers News 2020

                 Sat Sep 19th - The last of the handicap runs was held at the Hamilton yacht club with an out & back 

                     course around the lake. Walkers times adjusted for the 3 & 4k options. 17mins between 1st & last off.

                    Another fine day with a head wind for running or walking home, and we had Joan home 1st with Stu 2nd

                   both 3k distance, then Russell & Graeme 4k, with steady flow of athletes following. many running faster

                    than the week before except the last 3 of Trevor, Dennis & Craig being on estimated times. 

                 Sat Sep 12th  - A new course & another fine day for a walk or run.  The Frankton mixed handicap was

                     moved to the Frankton railway station in Fraser st with a 2k loop for 1 or 2 laps of handicap.

                    12 starters & 4 supporters. 4k walkers sent off 1st with a steady stream following up to 16mins behind.

                     Most home around estimated with a couple of faster times & some walkers who will need more start

                     for this weeks Wiltshire lake handicap over the same distance.  Gail 1st home followed by Henare & Rob.

                  Sat Sep 5th - Somewhere different for 6 members who travelled down to Whakatane to join their

                      club for a run/walk over 6k (Dennis took on the longer run of 12k). Some of the course took us through

                    native bush with bird calls heard along the way. We took our photographer Meg with us & will post some

                     photo's once sorted on our facebook page (franktonathletics).  This Saturday we have the

                   Frankton mixed handicap 2 or 4k from a new spot. Meet at the Frankton railway station carpark. 

                 Sat Aug 29th - great turnout for the club road champs, walkers & runners everywhere. Weather played

                    it's part again with only a stiff wind to tackle.  Walkers first off over 2 or 3k, then the runners started

                   one minute later over 4.5 and 6.5k which brought most home within 6min of each other. Afternoon tea

                   was enjoyed and time was lost on us all as the conversations rolled on.  No club event this weekend

                    as we have 6 members travelling down to Whakatane to join in on their club day. 

                Sat Aug 22nd  - Another fine winters day west of the city at Derek Heather park for the teams relay.

                    Good turnout with 10 runners/walkers + 3 supporters.  Three teams made up from the handicapper

                   for 8 laps (12k) on a course were you can be seen by others. Optional shortcut only used once & after 

                    6 laps were was very little between the 3 teams.  Close finish at the end of 80mins of running & walking.

                    On a nice day, everyone was a winner.   This weekend is club road champs over 2/3/4.5 & 6.5k from 

                   Bremworth clubrooms on Amanda Ave.  Bring a plate for the cuppa & chat afterwards.

               Sat Aug 15th - What a beautiful day for running. A good turnout for the Ure & Hider handicap on an up & 

                   down course with a 100mm up hill finish.  Betty & Gail walked 2k. Others run over 4 or 6k with the 1st

                 person home being Tina, then three of the 6k men finishing within 7 secs. Handicapper was next home

                 followed by the 4k men inside 100m.  Thanks to Marion for timekeeping.  This weekend is a club team 

                   relay from Derek Heather park on Grandview rd.  New rules in place with a shortcut option (No hills for 

                    Mark)  A must try event over short 1500m course.

              Sat Aug 8th - A very wet morning turned into a beautifull day for the new adventure hosted by the Foster's.

                  New simple course that not even Stu could not get lost on.  Good turn out for the walk & run to Shaw's 

                  birdwalk & return.  Afternoon tea was more like lunch & the sun played it's part. Thanks Loloma & Stu

                 for hosting.  Sun 9th - Graeme & Craig headed out to join Cambridge for a flat 5k run on Pickering Rd.

                 A shade over 30 mins for G & 22 & a half for Craig.  This week we have the Hider & Ure handicap walk/run

                of 2/4/6k from Russleigh Place off Aberdeen Drive.

             Sat Aug 1st  -  A fine day, but a cold wind for the keen runners & walkers who turned up for a tough handicap

                run from the top of Melva St in Dinsdale.  Russell off 1st, then Henare & Mark, Stu next for a 3k walk, then

                 Trevor, Joan 3k & Dennis being the back marker.  Handicapper got everyone finishing inside 250m of each

                 other, except Stu who enjoyed the view more than the others.  Henare home 1st ahed of Joan & Mark.

                   This weekend we are being hosted by the Foster's on a new course.  On Sunday if you wish we are invited

                  out to join Cambridge on Pickering Road for a 3k walk or 5k run.

              Sat July 25th - Another good day in the middle of winter. Clarke's farm hosted another tractor ride & farm run

                 with a good turnout & just enough room on the trailer for everyone.  This saturday is a handicap run/walk

                 of 3 or 4.5k from top of Melva St, Dinsdale.  Last street on the left before you leaves town. See you there.

              Sat July 18th - Was club x/country champs, with a few members away we still had 8 have a go on the new

                 shortened lap course. Shorter laps but more hills.  So doing 1,2,3 or 4 laps.  A beautiful warm day for

                the middle of winter.  Thanks to Marion for our outdoor afternoon tea.

                   This weekend we are out to the Clarke's farm for tractor ride & easy run/walk.

            Sat July 11th  - Gave up on running the hill in Cambridge & got a good turnout at another new spot. Taitua

               arboritum, just west of Dinsdale with 11 club members trying out the park like area. Weather played the part

                and those that run or walked did so at there own pace with a smile at the end. To me it is all about getting

                out & enjoying the space your in.  Next week is club x/country at Bremworth park. New course to sort all.

            Sat June 27th  -  What rain. Another good turnout of 8 with no rain had during the walk or run on a new course

                 in St Andrews. Discovered a park & river trails only the locals would know about.  Sunday was a farm run

                out at Cambridge with Dennis & Craig running 6k on a course that is tough but leaves you with a smile.

            Sat June 20th  -  Another good turnout with 8 club members taking on the steps challenge. Walking can       

               sometimes be quicker than trying to run. A changing view once at the top, but mostly fine.  Jonas with the

               2nd fastest time behind Dennis, but who was closest to their estimated time?  A cuppa & a chat after

               visiting the 1000yr old Kauri.  Reminder, we all need to register/pay our club fees.

           Sat June  13th - Wow what a great turnout, 12.  Thanks for getting out & trying my new course. With last years

               winners not defending their trophies everyone was trying to guess the correct estimated time. Fine & firm

              ground had most home ahead of times over 1 or 2 laps.  Thanks for those that helped set up & pick up the

                course markers.   

           Sat June 6th - Another new spot in town for the days walk or run with a few new faces. Alison st starting

               point, then off up to the railway line & along the new path to the north end of Innes common. Walkers turned

              right & runners went on to Killarney Rd & turned right. Both would take the footpath back along Lake Crescent

              where walkers would turn into Alison St while runners went left or straight ahead. All finishing back at the

            start. Welcome to Russell, Darcy & Toni.

          Sat May 30th - New spot was found on a mild day with 5 members trying out the Hillcrest circuit of two

               different 2.5k directions finishing  in the same street. Some runners completing both circuits. Were was

               everybody else? Afternon tea was had Joan & Brian's place in Fox St. 

          Sat May 23rd - Opening day for the new season was welcomed by those that turned up. New & old faces  

                    were shown a new course & the day was just a casual run or walk on a dry park over train bridges with a

                   bit of up & down with a few seated supporters cheering us home.  The season will be a bit different with

                  new weekly events that will be more casual until later in the season. Email will be sent out & notice posted

                   on the facebook page.  See you somewhere new next week.

        Harriers News 2019

               Sat Sept 21st - This was closing day for the harriers & a few day brought the club members out to try & be

                   1st home on the Wiltshire 4k handicap event.  Course changed to an out & back run. Some running more 

                 than walking which had Stu home 1st ahead of Dallison, then Rob & Graeme, with others following behind.

                  Most finishing ahed of estimated handicap.   Thanks again to Marion for her help with timekeeping.

              Sun Sept 15th - A team of 6 runners 2 support people headed to Te Aroha for a team relay over a

                 marathon distance all the way to Waihi via Paeroa. Mark was sent off 1st, with Shane running leg 2, trevor

                leg 3 into Paeroa.  Graeme then ran into the gorge to changeover with Anne who ran through the 1k tunnel.

                 Running a fast time nearly caught the team out. Rob being last leg runner into Waihi got the team home

                  inside 4hrs. Photos to come.

              Sat Sept 7th - Was club road champs on a fine but windy day. Small turnout was disappointing but it is what

                  it is & those that turn up enjoyed the one lap course.

             Sat Aug 31st - Frankton mixed handicap with a small group of 5 trying to be 1st home on a flat course of 2k

                  Marcia walking 1 lap was off 1st with Graeme doing 2 laps, next off was Anne, then Rob, Paul & Craig

                 with 7mins 20 difference.  Marcia took less than 20mins. 1st home over 2 laps was Graeme with

                a faster time than handicap followed by Rob on target time with 10 secs to Craig & Anne another 10secs

               back with Paul 5th home.  Thanks to Marion for timekeeping.  This weekend is club road champs with

                early start of 12 midday. So you can all go to the rugby test.

            Sat Aug 24th - Take away the wind & we would of had a perfect day.  10 club members turned up for the

                club team relay over a 1500mm course with an altered course & new finishing point.  12k was the total

                distance required from each team with some doing more laps than others.  With 5 laps gone from the

                leading team, event organiser stepped in to slow them down by walking a lap & then changing a couple

               of team member around making for a closer finish.  Next week is a flat handicap run/walk from Riflre

               range Rd, starting opposite Aberdeen Rd.

            Sat Aug 17th - A good day for running on a course of mixed terrain over a 2k loop. 7 members started at 

                different times for the handicap event with Gail 1st for 4k, then Trevor, Rob, Craig & Dennis for 6k with

                Graeme & Then Anne for 4k.  The hill up Lachlan was steep & some had to walk. Some days you have a 

                good day & Rob had that good day, home just ahead of Anne, then Gail with Dennis, Craig & Graeme close

              behind. Some days you feel heavy & Trevor had that day & home 7th.  From 2nd to 5th was less than 100m

                 This weekend we have a club team relay on a slightly altered course from Grandview Rd, Western Heights.

            Sat Aug 10th - Not a bad day until the start when a bit of rain joined club memebers for the handicap run

                over a 2k lap. Gail off 1st for 2 laps, then Trevor followed by Rob then Craig & Dennis for 3 laps & Graeme

                off last for 2 laps.  Good running from Trevor to hold off a fast finishing Dennis followed by Rob, Craig,

                Graeme & Gail.  Most running faster than handicap times given. This week we are meeting on Russleigh

                Ave off Aberdeen Drive from Rifle range rd end, Frankton.  2/4 or 6k handicap for the Hider & Ure trophies.

           Sun Aug 4th - A day of changing weather that cleared enough to have Graeme Rob & myself keen for a run

               with Cambridge on Pickering Rd.  A little windy & a drop of rain for Graeme & those behind him. Rob ran

              a pb, while Craig enjoyed his 2nd run of the weekend.  Handicap run this week to sort times for trophy events

               coming up soon.

           Sat July 27th - The regular yearly harrier event at Clarke's farm was a good day with a good turnout. Henare &

               Bubs surprised us along with Meg by coming along for a chat.  Thanks to Kevin for the tractor ride & to

              Marion for hosting us.  Next weekend is a Sunday run with Cambridge with members meeting at 33 Grey St

              at 12.45. If you can not make it Sunday then come & join me Saturday at end of Ann St for 5 or 10k fun run.

           Sat July 20th  - A new event at Queenwood for those not doing Wai/Bop x/courty champs. We had 9 members

              turn up for a flat handicap race. Some walking while others ran. A good day & fast times with those at the

             front staying away from the back markers. Group coffee had afterwards. Dennis won his age group at

             x/country champs over 6k.  Coming week we get to enjoy a farm run at Clarke's.

           Sat July 13th  - Maungakawa hill climb with Cambridge was the event for the day.  Trevor, Rob & Craig took    

                on the the mountain, setting off at different times to get to the top.  All finishing inside the top 15 to the top.

                Next week is Wai/Bop x/c champs & if entering need to enter by Tuesday.  Club run for others with the

                meeting point to be confirmed.

           Sat June 29th - Club x/country champs at Bremworth park on a fine afternoon with not a puddle to be found

                  Some club members were unable to make it on the day, but still had 9 members challenge themselves

               over a tough 2k course. It was a first time for some but the course was well marked out & good comments

                 had over a cuppa. Thanks again to Marion for her help & Kevin for dropping off & picking up the hurdle.

                Thanks to everyone for helping pick up the course markers after their run.  Looks like a pack run from the

                 yatch club is for most othis week & we may not have anyone going to Taupo.

             Sat June 22nd - Another good afternoon for a farm run. Michelle Sweeney hosted club members at Horotiu

                with a few hills & a bit of muck with the sun shining & little wind.  A good walk & run was had by all with a

                good cuppa & chat.  Thanks Michelle for hosting us again.  This Sat is club x/country champs.

             Sun June 16th  - A good day out at Charlton's farm with the Cambridge harriers. Graeme, Dennis & Craig

                running 6k on a fairly firm course for a change. Handicapped well to have the 3 of us home inside the top

               10 finishers.   A good afternoon cuppa & chat. This Sat. we are out at Horotiu on Onion Rd for an enjoyable

                walk or run. Bring a plate.

             Sat June 8th - Not the best day for being outside with the weather fine wet & windy most of the day.

                Still we had 9 brave souls turn up & take on the challenge of 880 steps.  Tina, Maree- Ann & Ella off 1st 

                then Jonas, Trevor, Rob, Paul & Dennis.  Handicapper had left earlier to walk the whole way to the top.

                We had a steady flow arrive at the top with everyone then walking back around the loop to the Kauri's.

                 Dennis was fastest & Jonas was only a few seconds behind Paul in actual time. Some very close

                percentage differences with the smallest margin ever between 1st  & 2nd. This Sunday we are out

               towards Cambridge for a 3 or 6k farm event which is handicapped. Meet there 1pm or at 33 Grey st at

                12.30.  Let Craig know.

            Sat June 1st - The handicapper was wishing for a good turnout & good weather.  Good numbers turned

              up, but the weather tried to prevent the run happening.  After waiting while the rain sweep over the 1st

              runners & walkers were off.  Handicapper had walkers & runners set off over 3k & 4.5k after working out

                estimated times. Jonas & Tina arrived back just ahead off back marker Dennis. Then the others followed

                with the smile gone by the time they had made it up the final hill.   Haka step challenge this coming Sat.

            Sat May 25th - Was a sunny day at Fitzroy Ave, hosted by Stu. A good turnout with a 4k course through

               gullies & parks. Only a select few got themselves lost & ran to far.  

           Sun May 19th - Farm run out at Keeley's south of Cambridge for the last time after 70 years of hosting.

              A course that looks flat from the hay shed, but has a big gully that you have to run down & up twice per

            lap of 3k. The afternoon was fine with a fresh breeze. A few club members & the Watson clan joined in the 

              a large group of Cambridge members.   A 3k walk for the women & 6k run for the men. This weekend

            coming we are at 6 Fitzroy Ave, Glenview for a pack run & cuppa with Stu.

          Sat May 11th - The club hosted Cambridge from the Hamilton gardens with a new meeting place of the

             Hardy Centre.  The afternoon turned into a beautiful Autumn day with a good turnout. Course was set up

             for all to enjoy from 2.3k walk or run to 7.5k for the good runners.  Afternoon tea was enjoyed by all with

             good comments about the course from the visitors. Thanks to Rob, Tina & Trevor with helping set up &

            pick up of the course markers.  Thanks to Marion for sorting the room for afternoon tea. This Sunday we

            have been invited out to Keeley's farm just south of Cambridge, meet at 33 Grey St at 12.30.

             Sat  May 4th - We had the annual estimated time, park run around Minogue park on a fine day with it firm

           under foot. Some walking & running 1 lap of 2.6k & others running 2 laps.  Lots of different times from those

            estimated. Thanks to Marion & Anne for timekeeping & others who helped with picking up markers after

            finishing.   This weekend coming we are hosting Cambridge from the gardens.

        Sat 27th April  - Clubs 1st event was the fairly new 'Lets get lost' in the Hamilton gardens with Craig sending

           members off in pairs to find set markers around the gardens to locate the letter needed to return with.

        4 different courses so nobody could copy each other. 6 of the club members trying it first the 1st time. 

          Next week we will be at Minogue park to enjoy the run in the park with options of 1 or 2 laps.

      Sat 13th April - The season started as always with the Te Awamutu golf course run on a nice fine morning. 

         Graeme & Craig run in club colours over a 3k lap with G running 3 laps & me doing 2 laps.

       Harriers News 2018  

         Sat 22nd Sept - It was the last weekend of club harriers with the Wiltshire lake handicap over 4k. Dallison

       returned to defend her trophy. We had 8 members turn up on a nice fine day. Loloma off 1st then Gail, Dallison &

       then Graeme. Mark next before Trevor, then Rob & Craig last off. 33.40 was target time, but we had Dallison

       home 1st again running faster than last year with Gail 2nd just ahead of Graeme & Rob 4 secs back and under

       time.   Loloma home next on target time followed by Mark, Trevor & the back marker Craig last.  Harriers finished

      for another season.  We have a couple of 5k outside events in the next to weekends. Some club members looking

       to go do Toi's challenge in Nov.  See you at the track.

         Sun 16th Sep - Something different as a team of 6 ran a marathon relay from Te Aroha to Waihi along the

       Hauraki trail. 9am start for Tina for 6k, then a changeover to Trevor for approx 7.2k. Rob then took over from

        Tirohanga into Paeroa which was halfway.  Mark then run into the gorge for about 6.3k to hand over to Graeme

        who got to run through the tunnel & along to the Victoria battery site to hand over to Craig for the last 8.5k into

       Waihi for a finish under 4hrs.   Recorded time 3.55.27. 

         Sun 9th Sep - New club road champs course with 4 distances from 2k to 6.5k. A fine day with a fresh wind.

        Marcia over 2k, Loloma 3k with climb up Melva. Part of the new course took runners out & up Wallace Road with         Tina, Mark & Trevor completing 4.5k with Rob & Craig running 6.5k.  Thanks to Marion for organising afternoon           tea & timekeeping.  We have a team of 6 running a marathon relay from Te Aroha to Waihi on the bike trails.

          Sep 22nd is last club event from the Yacht club.

        Sat 1st Sep - Frankton mixed handicap was the days trophy up for grabs over another 2k course but with no

      hills.  6 members sent off at different times over 1 & 2 laps.  Close finish with everyone finishing under estimated

      times.  Next week is club road champs. Please note it is on Sunday from Amanda Ave.  New course layout.

       Sat 25th Aug - Hider & Ure handicap was the event for runners & walkers  over a 2k course. 1,2 or 3 laps for a

        winner at the top of the hill finish. 8 club members giving it a go. Thanks to MArion for timekeeping.

      Sat 18th Aug - Krystie Solomon & Craig Wilson ran at the Waik/BOP road champs at St Peter's. Krystie running

       5k, Craig 10k, photo's on the Hawks website.  This Sat coming we have the Ure & Hider handicap over 3 distances

        2/4/6k in a combined race over one course.   

      Sat 11th Aug - A good fine day & 10 club members ran in a team format around a short 1400 road course.

        3 teams running & walking multiple legs for a total of 11k.  This weekend we have Craig running the Waikato

      10k road champs while others are to meet at the yacht club for a pack run. 

      Sun 5th Aug - A wet day that turned fine just long enough for 4 club members to join Cambridge for a flat

        run on Pickering Rd. Loloma walking 3k, Graeme, Trevor & Craig running 5k.  A team road relay is planned

        for this weekend.

      Sat 28th - Club handicap event from Amanda Ave over a 2k course.  1 & 2 laps with a good turnout.

        This week coming on the Sunday, we are will be running out between Tamahere & Cambridge meeting at

        276 Pickering Road. Meet at Craig's place, 33 Grey St at 12.40 or travel out there for  1.30 start. 3 or 5k. 

        Sat 21st - We had a club event out at the Clarke's farm with tractor ride included. Fine but cold on the return

       leg on a course with little mud.  A good afternoon tea & chat with those that came. Thanks to Kevin, Vanessa

    & Marion for hosting.  Next week is the handicappers turn to find out everyone's times for up coming events.

       Sat 14th July  - A few club members took on the Sanitorium hill climb at Cambridge, a handicap event which

     is 4.8k long & mostly uphill. All of us finished close to each other off handicapper Craig's times.

       This Sat we are out to Clarke's farm for another great day with a flat & friendly course, meet earlier at 1pm.

      Sat 7th July  - North Island x/country champs in Taupo was were 4 club members went to run 6k. Travelled 

      down on the Friday & stayed in Kinloch near the lake's edge.  The morning of the run was cloudy with a fresh

      breeze & still the same when we started at 11.45. Big field of 60 for 50-75 age group. Results have been

     confirmed. Bonus was the free hot pools afterwards in an open stream down by the Waikato river.

     Sun 1st July - We had 4 members run out south of Cambridge on Keeley's farm which is a challenging course   

     of 3k laps. Twice round took a while, all run before the rain arrived.

      Sat Jun 23rd - Was club x/country champs on a fine day with a fresh breeze. Good turnout for the 2k course. 

        Dallison & Marcia & Loloma running/walking 1 lap, Gail 1&1/2 laps, Tina & Mark 2 laps. While Paul, Rob & 

     Graeme & Craig ran 3 laps(6k). Thanks to Marion & Meg for timekeeping.

       Sun Jun 17th - Was farm run at Charlton's with the Cambridge club. Graeme, Trevor & Craig all ran 6k on the

      wet & muddy course.  43 runners in total on a fine afternoon. 

       This Sat is club x/c champs at Bremworth park. Good weather forecast with some changes to the course.

       Anyone wanting to run at North Island x/country champs to have names to Craig by 1st July.

      Sat June 9th - Is it really winter. Could not of got a better day to run or walk as a big group of members turned

      up at the Sweeney farm to enjoy the farm course with amazing views. Everyone enjoyed the day & the

      afternoon chatter. Thanks to David & Michelle for hosting. This weekend we will be off towards Cambridge for

      a farm run on Sunday on Discombe Rd. Note earlier meet time of 1pm.

       Sat June 2nd - A fine day with a cold win. A different kind of course that is good training for all club

       members. Handicap run with Graeme off 1st for 4.5k, then Gail & Joan next for 3k distance. Paul D at 6mins

      then Craig at 7mins back.  Craig & Paul caught Graeme at the bottom of Melva, then Craig past Paul with 300m

       to go to be 1st home.  Gail, Joan & Graeme finished within 3 secs of each other.

       This coming saturday we all need to try the farm run at Sweeney's 87 Onion rd, Horotiu.

       Photo's now up of Minogue run.

        Sat May 26th  - A very good day to be out & about in the Hakarimata's. We had six club members & our                photographer for the day Chris walk & run up the 880 steps to the lookout north towards Huntly.

      A few good times recorded with some close finishers on estimated times. A walk down around to the 1000            year old Kauri all within an hour of start.   This week is another handicap run/walk from top of Melva in Dinsdale

        Sat May 19th - The Foster's hosted us from their garage on a warm but wet day. Walkers & runners were sent 

        through the Sandford gully up steps & over bridges into & out of park areas.  A good day with plenty of chatter

       over a cuppa or two.  We are out to climb the steps on the Hakarimata this Sat.

        Sat May 12th - We hosted Cambridge from Hungerford crescent at the gardens. A light overcast day had

         Craig out early marking the course. Rob & Tina helped put up the big gazebo to keep us out of the rain that

         was due. Good numbers who walked or ran from 2k to 7.5k.  Thanks to Marion for organizing afternoon tea.

       Plenty of good comments from the visitors. Thanks to Rob, Mark & Trevor for helping pack up the gazebo.

     This week we are at Loloma & Stu's in Glenview for another good day out.

     Sat May 5th - Was club event at Minogue park for an estimated timed walk or run around the park grounds of

     a distance of 2.6k with options of 1 or 2 laps. A well marked out course by Craig with a good turnout of 11

       members & Marion & Meg to timekeep.  Some close & some far away times for most. 

     Club calendar up on website now 18/5/18. Photos from Ekiden to be posted soon.

       1st photo's ever of event at Minogue park to be posted soon.


Harriers News 2017    ......................................................................................................................


    Harrier prizegiving was had on Feb 11th. out at Rob & Zee's place. Small turnout, but a good afternoon had.

   Sat 6th Oct - We had a team of 6 run the Ekiden relay around lake Rotorua. 4 members went down the night before & enjoyed dinner out & learning how to play cards. Up early to a nice calm overcast day. 2 young ex club members joined us for a big day with 236 running teams. Graeme running the 1st leg of 7.3k, then handed over to Karl to run the best leg of nearly 8k. Rob was next over the same leg as the last 2 years of 8k with a few hills. The team had Craig in a good position for leg 4 of 8.3k & passed a dozen other runners & handed over to Kate for the short 4.7k leg towards town. Good speed by Kate had Mark with the easy part of finishing it off into the middle of town over 6k. which he did faster than last year. Team home 22nd in 3.33. Photos to come soon.

  Sat 30th Sept - Last club event was the Wiltshire handicap from the yacht club with a good turnout. Fine weather but a little windy. 14mins between 1st off & last with it all coming down to the last 500mtrs if handicapped right. Dallison running 4k for the 1st time home just ahead of Trevor, then Marcia over 3k. Graeme & Craig next under estimated time. Then we had Stu ahead of Gail then Loloma & Mary-anne. Thanks to Marion for timekeeping.

   We now have photos uploaded from the Te Aroha to Waihi team relay. We have a team this weekend going to Rotorua for another team relay around the lake.  Harrier prizegiving date to be confirmed later. Could those that received trophies last year return them to Craig on Tuesday club nights or drop around home.

     Sat 23rd Sept - A small turn out for the club road champs. Altered course provided a hard challenge.

       Dallison home 1st over 2k, then Trevor from Gail over 4k.  Craig home over 2 laps from Rob.

    Sun 17th Sept. - Team of 6 went to Te Aroha to run a marathon as a team relay. Early start with a little freshness in the air for Kirsty 1st off from the train station along the rail trail towards Paeroa. Mark took over after 6k & ran towards Tirohia were Graeme was to finish the leg into Paeroa 2.13 at halfway & the man with the banana just ahead. With photos taken at each changeover it felt like a road trip. Rob headed off towards the Karangahake gorge with a change to be made just before the tunnel. Another photo taken & Tina was off into the dark tunnel & along the trail towards the Wakino ruins where Craig was to finish off the last long leg of 9.3k. Some wonderful sights along the trail with other runners  & walkers along the way. Home in 4hrs & 5mins. Well done team.

   Sat 9th Sept. - Yet another wet day, but cleared enough for 7 members to run/walk 4 or 6k.  Close finish between Trevor & Mark. close also for 3rd with Rob just ahead of Graeme & Craig. Hard day for the walkers as the handicapper may have been a bit tight with times.  Thanks to Marion for timekeeping.

    Sat 2nd Sept. - Not a good day for running, but a few hardy souls turned up at Fitzroy for a new course that Stu had organised.  Got to run inbetween the showers & a good afternoon tea was had.

   Sun 27th Aug. - We had only 2 club members ran at Cambridge with Tina & Craig both running 5k.

    Sat 19th Aug. - Krystie Solomon ran at the Waik/Bop road champs.

   Sat 12th Aug - A new course for an old trophy. Good turnout of 10 for the Ure & Hider handicap. Some doing 1 lap, others doing 2 or 3 laps over a 2k course.  Some runners & walkers home early ahead of the handicapper. Winners being Stu & Loloma. This Sat is Waik/Bop road champs.

   Sat 5th Aug - Yet another good day for running. New course, new event & 7 members un a were what i had planned for them. 1.4k laps of up n down for each team of 4 to organise best way to complete the 10 lap distance. Team members were able to watch each lap unfold as those on the course could be seen at 3 different points. In the end it came down to the last leg between Rob n myself & a close finish 1hr 35 mins. This week is a handicap run with tropies up for grabs.

    Sat 29th July - A fine afternoon was good for those that could make it. The handicapper needed to find out where  members were at for upcoming handicap events so laid out a 3k curcuit that had a bit of up & down.  Marcia home 1st just ahead of Trevor. Others not far behind with Graeme finishing on target time. New event this Sat being a team relay from Derek Heather park, west end of Grandview rd.  *Have you seen the photo's from the North island champs on the website?

    Sat 22nd July - A day that had rain forecast, but cleared for the tractor ride & run/walk at the Clarke's farm.

     Thanks to Marion & Kevin for organising the event. Good turnout of club members & visitors made for an enjoyable afternoon tea. Krystie home 1st over 4k course while her older sister Teani was 1st home over 3k course. This Sat is club handicap from Bremworth park. Craig needs you all there so that he can give you a fair handicap for upcoming trophy events.

   Sat 15th July - Krystie Solomon ran at the Waikato/Bop x/country champs in Tauranga finishing 2nd. While 6 club members & Daisy meet on a nice afternoon in Jellicoe St & went for a walk or run along the river & around Hayes paddock with 3.5k for some & 5k for others.  This week we are out to Clarke's farm for a great day, see you all out there.

   Sat 8th July  - We had 4 club members run the Maungakawa hill climb at Cambridge, 4.8k handicap. Great views at the top, just getting to the top is tough.  While Sunday club members joined the Waik/Bop masters club & enjoyed a short or long walk or run. This weekend if your not running at Waipuna park, Tauranga, then we have a club pack run from Hydro cafe, Jellicoe St Hamilton East, meet at 1.15.

   Sat 1st July  - We had 3 members go down to Taupo to run at the North Island x/country champs at Spa park.  Ground always firm but weather can be varied & a cold northerly blew throughout the day. Krystie finished 5th over 3k then Rob & Craig ran 6k in the masters 50 race. Photo's now on website. While another 5 club members run from the yatch club in Hamilton.  This week we have changed event to Sunday at the gardens to join the Wai/Bop masters. Meeting early at 12.30 for a 1pm start. If anyone wants to run at the Cambridge hill climb you need to contact Craig.

    Sun 25th June - And they call it winter. What a nice day we 7 had on a flat farm run with Cambridge. Handicapped run over farm paddock & fences with the weeks rain making it hard to keep your feet & some slower than estimated times.  All enjoyed the sunny warm weather & the afternoon chat.  Stu & Gail home ahead of Craig, Tina, Kirsty, Rob & Graeme.  Club run this Sat from the Yacht club with Mark Henderson to be your contact.  

   Sat. 17th June - Club champs was the first star event of the winter harriers on Sat with 10 members turning up to tackle Craig's tough course layout with a small trip through bush.  Running or walking, some did both over a 2k lap.

  Dallison home first over one lap, then Tina next over 2 laps followed by Mark, then Craig next after 3 laps. Followed by Gail, Kirsty, Trevor, Stu dug deep for 2 laps, then Paul.L & Graeme home after 3 laps of hard slog. Thanks to Marion for timekeeping & sorting afternoon tea. Thanks to Kevin for dropping off & picking up the hurdle.

Note; Krystie Solomon ran at the NZ Secondary School x/country in Christchurch.

Please note this week we are running on Sunday at Hautapu near Cambridge. 3k or 6k handicapped farm run.

   Sat 10th June - A new event was introduced with a farm run at Sweeney's farm north of Hamilton. A disappointing low turnout for what was a good running course on farm races with a little bit of muck and a small hill or two.  Distances of 3k, 4.3k or 6k available. Thanks to Michelle & David for hosting what I hope to be a regular event.

This week is club x/country champs at Bremworth park, Dinsdale. Bring a plate for your running reward.

    Sat 3rd June - Welcome to winter, another fine afternoon for handicap run from the top of Melva St, Dinsdale.
We had 10 club members & visitor Don run the road surface run of 3 & 4.5k.  Trevor & wife Mary-anne off 1st with a 35 min target for finish time. Paul L, Kirsty then Mark, Ella, Graeme, Rob & Nathan then Don & Craig at 15mins.
Paul ran more than we had planned & home over 3k early. With plenty of up & down the idea was for everyone to be together with 500m to go. Some ran faster & some slower than last year. Most of the passing happened along Bremworth Ave before the hill.  Visitor Don home just ahead of Craig, then Ella Mark & Rob with the rest just behind.

     This weekend is a farm run/walk at Sweeney's farm 87 Onion Rd, Horotiu. Bring a plate & arrive early at 1pm.
     ​​​​​​​Directions under event calendar page.

   Sat 27th May - A good day for getting lost. 6 members took up my challenge of finding their way around the Hamilton gardens looking for marker posts with letters to find & mark on the sheet given with instructions.  Sent off at different times on different courses some found it easier than others.  Lots of paths & tracks to follow with map provided. Kirsty & Paul back 35 mins after start, then Tina at 40mins from longer course, then Loloma from short course, Trevor with a smile on his face came in ahead of Stu at 65mins.  Hcp run/walk this Sat from Melva Ave, Dinsdale.  Week after we are out to new course at the Sweeney farm, Horotiu.

   Sat 20th May - Not a great morning, with better weather more people may of been keen. The day cleared as we drove towards the Haka range.  7 hardy souls turned up to give it a go. Trevor, Zee & Craig(with timer) off 1st with no warm up which makes it hard to go up quick. Kirsty next, then Tina, Graeme & Rob off last at 8mins hcp. Some good views from the lookout towards Huntly.  Times were close for most. Lowest percentage of difference being the winner. Results soon. Time at the top should be 22mins.  Newby Trevor(walking) went off hard after Craig. Lots of steps & lots of walking by everyone.  Wet under foot, but no rain & at the top the day started to clear. Trevor turned up 1st a bit early, then Tina, Zee, Graeme, Rob & Kirsty.  Some close estimates with Graeme 41 secs under was anyone closer? Kirsty 33 secs out, Rob 21secs but winner & last time allowed the clock for timing was Craig within 16secs.

     This week is a new event at the gardens for everyone to try. Orienteering course walk or run, 2 distances.

  Sat 13th May - Hosting of Cambridge & Te Awamutu at the gardens we were hoping for good weather. With the rain Friday course oraganiser Craig was out early Sat to find the wet spots to avoid for the day ahead. Day was fine but cold in spots facing south. Course was set up & the runners & walkers came in good numbers. Walkers were sent off 1st then followed by runners for 4.5 & 6.5k over a very up & down course. Marcia walked the wrong way at the top of the hill. Younger runners were sent on a 2 or 4k course within the gardens. All home safely but puffed. Thanks to Marion for organising the afternoon tea.  Club was thanked for a good day out for everyone.   This week you all need to come & experience the views from the north end of the Hakarimata's.

  Sat 6th May - What a beaut day we had on Sat for the estimated timed run or walk around Minogue park. We had 9 happy soles try the course out with Craig changing the direction that we normally run.  Gail, Paul Lio, Marcia & Phillipa walking 1 lap of 2.6k while Trevor(walking) along with Meg, Tina, Mark & Craig doing 2 laps. With a trophy up for grabs to those who could finish the closest to their estimated time.  Gail home 1st, then Craig followed by Paul, Marcia & Phillipa then Meg, Tina & Mark with Trevor last home, but who estimated correctly. Gail walked faster than last year & finished within 11 sec. 2 lap runners had some close times with Meg 27 secs under, Tina 14 sec under & Craig 9 sec from time. Did Trevor walk fast enough to bet them all?   Yes within 2 sec of time.  *  See you all Sat to host Cambridge from the gardens.

  Sat 29th April - Not a great day to start harriers, but 8 happy soles turned up to explore Craig's new course.  4 walkers & 4 runners with a welcome return to Trevor Watson & his wife Maryanne who walked with Gail & Loloma. Kirsty, Graeme & Rob left 5 mins later to run 5k. Stu was off with the walkers & mixed in running with walking & then getting lost.  I found him after some time & he had run in the wrong direction up Wairere Drive.

****Note; Error in programme for event at the gardens which we are hosting Cambridge & Te Awamutu. It should say Sat. 13th May.  Not Sunday.

****Note; Change to club programme in June. Sunday 18th now at Keeleys farm & Sunday 25th is now Charltons farm run.