FSMR Head Injury and Concussion Policy​​​​​​​

This year we are formally putting policy into place for head injuries and concussion to protect your children out on the rugby field. This policy will supersede any previously issued by the FSMR and will align with the Manawatu Rugby Union (MRU) and the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR).

By registering your child\children into the Feilding Saturday Morning Rugby Club you agree to the policy as outlaid in this notice.

  • FSMR will for the first time introduce a head injury register. All players suspected of a concussion will be entered into the register.

A Serious Injury Report form must be completed and submitted to the Manawatu Rugby Union no later than 48 hours following the end of the game, by the FSMR.

  • Multiple concussions of a player will be looked at by the club and processes will be put in place to ensure the ongoing safety of the player. This will be done with the parents/caregivers along with guidance from MRU, NZR and medical advice.

  • The policy will follow the Graduated Return to Play protocol (GRTP). There will be no ability to short cut this process.

  • Any player suspected of having a concussion will enter into this policy. FSMR and its coaches will err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of your child.

  • If a player meets any of the red flag indicators they will automatically enter into this policy.

FSMR will stand a player down for 23 days as laid out by NZR and MRU. Medical clearance will   be required but will not be accepted until after Day 20 of the stand down.

Further information can be obtained from


https://www.rugbysmart.co.nz/assets/Resources/2d581e65f7/Concussion-return-guidelines.pdf or by contacting a member of the FSMR committee.