Hi friends, we are going to start up a beginner/intermediate training session for our lovely friends. If you and your friends are looking for affordable badminton learning session, this is a very good opportunity to equip yourself with some awesome kick ass skills!

The training session would cover the basic technique and skills, including offensive and defensive shots, basic footwork (how to move fast on the court and save your energy), positioning (eg. rotation in doubles), strategies and tactics.

The training would run an hour for 6 weeks, once in a week. The reason behind is to let yourself having sufficient time to practice it and digestion.

The cost for this 6 weeks training would be $60/person. You can register through Facebook or FUBC committees during club night.

The training session is open to everyone who eager to learn and play competitive. If you think you are ready to kick some ass during club night, then what are you waiting for? Register now!!!