2020 Major Fund Raiser
Friday 16th October 1.30pm


We’re excited to be participating in the School Fun Run this year! Our Fun Run is our major fundraising event this year and to make it even more exciting is that it will be a COLOUR RUN!!!!  

However we need Volunteers to help run our cool run stations - or else we won't be able to have them - we need about 30 of you!! We have lots of different options to help on so if you could spare a few hours to help our Fun Run be the best afternoon ever that would be amazing :)

We would love to see you there!

ps this event will only be run if we are at Level 1 - however don't despair if we can't run it on Thursday we will look to our postponement day in Term 4!  It will be run this year sometime!

COLOUR RUN!!!!  ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​The School Fun Run is all about Fun! Your children will get to come on the day and run with their fellow classmates, friends and students... even the teachers get involved! This will be one of the most exciting days on our school’s calendar, with everyone’s participation the aim, so please make sure they attend of the day and cheer the other kids on!

We’ll be launching the fundraising in August, so make sure to keep your eyes out!

We’re holding the event on Thursday 24th September at school and we are really hoping to raise $6,000 towards Digital Technologies across all Year Groups at School (and a top up towards the Ropes Course Bark). 

Keep your eyes peeled for the sponsorship forms which will be sent home with your child closer to the time. Once you have the form, you should sign up for a Student Profile Page and be able to access online fundraising where you could win a $20,000 Ultimate Family Experience!

Students who raise $10 or more will receive a reward, and the more money you raise the better the reward, and the more you help the school!

We’re looking for all students to participate and we’re organising a great day for ourcommunity, so we’d love everyone to come down to support the kids.

Thanks for supporting the school and we hope to see you at the event!

For more Fundraising information please go to the Fundraising Info Page .