​​​​​​​OUR CLUB

Glenora Rugby League was founded in 1931 and has a very strong and proud history having produced many Kiwi Internationals and professional players, as well as a number of very successful individuals in all facets of our wounderful game.

Glenora has evolved from being soley Rugby League focused to encompassing the wider community and becoming a sports club due to the believe that it is "more than just a game". We have the opportunity to make a difference in our community using Rugby League as a vehicle to enhance others lives.

We are the biggest club in West Auckland and the third largest club in wider Auckland area. We are very pleased to boast the increase of junior players by over 10% during the last 5 years, which is something we strive to maintain.

We value our place in the community and being in a postion where we can show real leadership, support charities, promote a healthy lifestyle and come together to offer those involved in our game multiple opportunities which we will ensure  continues for many years to come.

Our Premier Men’s Team have won the Fox Memorial 5 times in 1962, 1997, 1998, 1999 and most recently, 2017. Between 2000 and 2005 we competed in the Bartercard Cup, New Zealand’s national premiership competition before returning back to the Auckland based competition. 

Whānau means everything to the Glenora Bears and with that comes our three pillars. Our three pillars are PASSION, PRIDE and RESPECT. These pillars are what we strive to build our culture on, instilling these in our Bears from the beginning.