Greymouth Bowling Club

Club Championship Singles are set to be played on Sat. 11th Nov. and Pairs are to be played on Sun.12th Nov.

Participants in the Singles: Roger Glendinning; Roger Norton; Bill Johnsen; David Hastings; Peter Moreton;

Winner was Roger Norton.

Participants in the Pairs: Roger Glendinning/Roger Norton; David Hastings/Laurie Boot; Peter Moreton/Tim Moreton;  Single entries Bill Johnsen. Les Mangos.

Winners were David Hastings and Laurie Boot

Club Championship 4s are set down to be played on Sunday 19th November.

2 Teams best of three games: Peter Moreton (S) David Hastings, Tim Moreton, A. Whitehead, versus Bill Johnsen (S), Bruce Fitzgerald, Alan O'Connell, Laurie Boot.

Winners were Bill Johnsen's Team

Triples are set to be played on Sun.10th Dec.

Teams are 

Peter Mort/Dave H/Albert

Bruce Fitz/Laurie Boot/Alan Meaclem

Bill J/Tim Mort/Jim O’Donnell

Alan O/Gavin C/Peter Crawford.