Whakatika ki te Wero

Rise up to the Challenge

The Beginning:

When I think Hamilton Raiders Baseball Team, I proudly remember John and Claudy Tuhoro. 

A husband and wife devoted to start a baseball foundation exposing young
talented sports people into a sport that could take them further into the future of success. 
Their inspiration was none other than their own children and the future of many other youngsters with talented sporting gifts.  

The Journey:

John and Claudy Tuhoro founded Hamilton Raiders Baseball Club in the 1994 to 1995 season. 

The Raiders played in the Divisional League and won, which promoted Raiders the following season to the ABA premier league.

From 1996 through to the 1999 season Hamilton Raiders were the NZBF champs 3 years running. 

As we were all growing the game in Hamilton, the Raiders had played at 3 locations before settling at Resthills Park, this Park being the home grounds for Waikato Softball.
John and Claudy were highly respected in the Softball scene with all their children playing at high standard and John being the president of the WSA and Claudy was a board member and life member. 
the Raiders championship reign, the Raiders built some minor infrastructure at Resthills paid by John and Claudy, today that infrastructure is still standing.

The Raiders Club folded in 2001 after the club was put into new management that struggled to keep the

demands of baseball running and players were beginning new journeys which contributed to many moving on with their lives.
We played for ourselves, not thinking at that time of the future for Baseball for Hamilton and Waikato.

The Present:

Mahoe Park, Home Grounds to The Hamilton Raiders Baseball Club

This present day, I Richard Tuhoro have been moved by the same reasons as John and Claudy, to start Baseball again in the hope to
push the younger talent to full potential, here in Hamilton and the Waikato, for players to be high achievers
taking their playing talents to the next level of experience and to have support with continuous encouragement behind them. 

The one outcome which has been changed from when The Raiders Baseball Club was last developed, is that this time around,
​​​​​​​baseball will not be just for the individual player or for the moment, but for the FUTURE and longevity.