Score! - Harlequin Rugby Club
The 101 year old building housing the Harlequin Rugby Club and rousing sports games was formerly home to the more hushed tones of a Methodist Sunday school. Today it sports a fresh new look.

The rugby club iconic colours are yellow and red and these are carefully incorporated into the new look while still paying homage to the traditional heritage styling of the building. The previous look was old and grey, making the building less than memorable and easy to drive straight past. Bearing this in mind, the design focus was to retain the integrity of the building but give it a more striking appearance, pick out its best features and restore it to its former glory.

Resene Colins Wicket (ochre green) was used for the main body of the building with contrasting pillars in Resene Double Colins Wicket (ochre brown). The pointing was accented in Resene Diesel (dark black red) while doors and details are striking in a Resene Lonestar (dark red) finish. The exterior palette is completed with Resene White Rock (green cream) on window surrounds and Ironsand (brown grey) on the roof. The moody complex hues draw attention to the building’s façade, helping to promote the club to new and existing members and reflecting a more vibrant image than the now long forgotten grey.