PlayHQ is an exciting new onestop shop for all your player, team, school and club adminsterative requiremnts, not to mention an intergarted scoring platform!​​​​

There are some key things that our cricket community can expect this season:

1. Platform Developments/Training

2. Resourcing

3. Communications

PlayHQ has a regular cycle for introducing new features and enhancements. Based on feedback from user, NZC are focused on getting the following functionality on the platform before the start of the new season:

  • Addition of ball-by-ball scoring details
  • Making scoring on a second device effective
  • Ensuring all external scoreboard integrations are in place.
  • Strengthening the stability of match synching and finalisation in the scoring portal

Extensive work has also been undertaken to further enhance the training materials and ensure there are opportunities for all relevant users to access this and any support they require. Improved resources and training sessions will be provided starting with numerous national virtual training sessions which you can register for here:

In addition to this Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association will be delivering two different in-person PlayHQ training sessions.

Club Starter sessions will cover:

  • Setting up a team
  • Setting up a registration form
  • Entering teams into grades
  • Managing merchandise sales

If you are on any junior or senior cricket club committee or hold cricket coordinator positions within schools, then the Club Starter session will be a great introduction for the upcoming season and will help you get up to date with new features of PlayHQ.

We will also be hosting a series of game day scoring sessions to assist our scorers.

These sessions are ideal for all parents of junior cricketers, coaches, managers scorers, and captains of teams through all grades. Attending this session may further your understanding of how to access your own or your child's games and draws easily as well as how to enter and edit game scores after a match is completed.

PlayHQ Support Materials

Electronic Scoring on PlayHQ

To access the electronic scoring application, navigate to using a compatible electronic scoring device and web browser, enter your PlayHQ account credentials, and then select 'Log In'.

You must have electronic scoring access enabled by your club or school in order to electronically score a cricket game on PlayHQ. Please contact your Club Adminstrator or School Sports/Cricket contact if you require this access.


Head to this New Zealand Cricket website to find written and video e-scoring support materials to help you get started e-scoring on PlayHQ. You can also click on the image to left to see a full written electronic scoring guide.


All support requests or enhancement recommendations can be submitted through the NZC Zendesk. This is monitored by NZC staff and members of the PlayHQ support team:

Screenshots of your issue are often helpful.

Team Management on PlayHQ

Team Captain's, Coaches and Managers can have management rights enabled by their Club or School Adminstrators and this allows them to enter their team lineup ahead of a game, edit the game result or make scorecard adjustments using an area of PlayHQ called My Teams.

Having a team lineup entered prior to a match makes electronic scoring easier on game day. 

In all HBCA grades, if matches are not electronically scored then team Coaches and Managers can use their management access to enter the score after the game.

It is necessary to be registered to your Club or School as a Coach or Manager to have management access enabled.

Click on the image to the right so to see how to login to My Teams, check if you have management access enabled, and how to use the functions within this.

This video tutorial may also be useful