Huntly Thistle AFC

GRADING ROUND 1 - 11th May 2024 - First draft and subject to change

Junior Boys White VS Hillcrest High JB Developement - 10:30am Field 2 Huntly Domain

Junior Boys Blue VS Cambridge High JB Navy - 08:30am Field 2 Tom Voyle Park

Junior Girls VS Hillcrest High JG Developement - 09:00am Field 2 Huntly Domain

Senior Girls VS Waikato Dio School SG 3rd XI  - 10:00am Field 1 Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Results: 11th May 2024

Junior Boys White 8  VS 2  Hillcrest High JB Developement

Junior Boys Blue 2  VS  9 Cambridge High JB Navy 

Junior Girls 0  VS  2 Hillcrest High JG Developement 

Senior Girls 10  VS  0 Waikato Dio School SG 3rd XI  

GRADING ROUND 2 - 18th May 2024 

Junior Boys White VS St Johns College Colts B - 10:00am Hillcrest Park 2

Junior Boys Blue VS St Peters School Red - 09:00am Field 2 Huntly Domain

Junior Girls VS Sacred Heart Girls College Prem - 10:00am Clyde Park 1

Senior Girls VS Hamilton Christian School  - 10:30am Field 2 Huntly Domain

Results: 18th May 2024 

Junior Boys White 4  VS 4  St Johns College Colts B

Junior Boys Blue 1  VS  4 St Peters School Red

Junior Girls 0  VS  11 Sacred Heart Girls College Prem

Senior Girls VS  1 Hamilton Christian School 

GRADING ROUND 3 - 25th May 2024 

Junior Boys White VS St Pauls Collegiate Developement - 10:00am St Pauls Collegiate School Field 2

Junior Boys Blue VS Fraser Highschool - 10:00am Field 1 Fraser Highschool

Senior Girls VS Hillcrest Highschool 2nd XI - 10:30am Field 2 Huntly Domain

Div 3 ROUND 1 - 25th May 2024 

Junior Girls VS Hillcrest Highschool Gold - 09:00am Field 2 Huntly Domain

Results: 25th May 2024 

Junior Boys White 3  VS 1  St Pauls Collegiate Developement

Junior Boys Blue 3  VS  11 Fraser Highschool 

Junior Girls 8  VS  0 Hillcrest Highschool Gold 

Senior Girls VS  2 Hillcrest Highschool 2nd XI