Admin User Guide

Personal QR Code

iDMe lets people create their own personal QR Code on their phone with their contact information (name, address, email, phone number). They can save it to their phone home screen and only need to do this once.

Then iDMe lets sports organisers turn your own smartphone or tablet into a QR Code scanner so you can instantly scan people into your venue, courts, turf, fields or clubrooms.

Or... Venue Code

There's also a self check-in option that lets you display a 5 letter venue code for any location, and people can use it to register their attendance without needing to be scanned in if you prefer.

The 5 letter venue code is superior to asking everyone to try to scan a QR code at your venue because many people's phones are unable to read QR codes successfully.

iDMe lets you check-in multiple family members or even an entire sports team from one single device. So a coach or manager can quickly check-in all team mates without everyone needing their own phones.

It's that easy

All records are automatically added to a secure online database that can be accessed  for contact tracing if required. Each record is stored for two months in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines, then automatically deleted for you. 

iDMe is provided by and is free for community sport. It is designed to help get community sport going again by making it quick and easy to log the contact details of people who attend sports events, training and games. 

This User Guide is for sports administrators. 

Game Check-in button

If you're using SKED competition management software from to publish draws (game fixtures), then you can display an iDMe check-in button. People tap the button beside any game to automatically register their contact details as attending that fixture time & location.

Instructions for administrators 

1. The iDMe QR Code scanner module has been automatically enabled for every sports organisation, club and school in New Zealand. It is free of charge if used for the purposes of community sport. 

2. To start the scanner, use the smartphone or iPad that you want to operate as a QR Code scanner and open its internet browser. Go to the URL (web address) on the Sporty platform for your organisation. If you’re unsure of your address, search for it at 

3. Once you’ve gone to the Sporty page for your organisation, tap the Admin Login link at the bottom of your page. If your organisation isn’t found using the search above, use the link at the bottom of the search results page to request for it to be added. 

4. Login.

If you do not have a Sporty login for your organisation, you will  first need to register. Tap the Register Here link at the bottom of the login window and enter your details. After registering, you will be sent a verification email. Click on the link in the email and then login to Sporty using the username and password you have created.  You will then need to find your club or school, request access to thisr site (top right hand corner), and wait for your access to be approved.  Please be patient - this may take one or two days, but only needs to happen once.

5. Once you have logged in, go to the Dashboard (4 green squares at top left of the screen) and scroll down to tap the Online Registrations tile. 

6. Scroll down until you see your iDMe contact register database and the green QR scanner button. Tap this to turn your device into a QR Code Scanner. 

7. The system will ask if you want to set a name for the location of your scanner. This is optional and can be left blank if you just have a single scanner used at a single location. However it is useful if you have multiple venues or multiple scanners. For example, you might name a scanner location as ‘Main Fields’ or ‘Clubrooms’ or 'Entry Gate'. Then tap the Start Scanner button. 

8. A pop-up message will ask you if you’ll allow to access your device’s camera. Tap the Allow button. 

9. Your device should now be a QR Code scanner. By default, it will activate the ‘selfie’ camera. This is useful if you are leaving the scanner somewhere for people to scan themselves in (eg an iPad situated in a building entrance). However, if you intend physically holding your device to scan people in, you may prefer to tap the swap camera button to force your device to use the back camera instead. 

10. Whenever your device sees a valid iDMe personal QR Code, it will read the person’s contact details from the code and automatically save them along with the date, time and scanner location (if set) to your online database. 

11. To exit the scanner, tap the X at the top right of the scanner screen. It will ask if you are sure. Tap yes and the scanner will close and log you out, so you’ll see the login screen. Tip: you can save the login screen to your device home screen, to make it quick next time you want to use the scanner. 

12. In instances where it is not practical for your organisation to scan in personal QR Codes, you can login to Sporty and create a 5 character venue code for each of your locations or venues. Then people with iDMe can simply use your 5 character venue code to check-in instead.

To get your own venue code(s) follow the instructions from earlier in this User Guide to login to the place for your organisation on the Sporty platform. It is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop computer for this instead of a small screen device. Once logged in, go to your Dashboard, then into the Online Registrations area and click on the Location icon button to the right of your iDMe database.

Use this area to automatically create unique 5 character codes for any of your venues or locations. For example, you might have a venue code for your clubrooms and a separate venue code for training fields at a separate location. 

Anyone that enters your venue code into iDMe will automatically have their contact details added to your iDMe database for you. Make it easy for people to discover your venue code(s). Display them on your website, Facebook and at each venue if possible. Use the printable poster and other resources available for you at

13. To view the records in your contact tracing database, use a laptop or desktop computer to login and return to the Dashboard and click the Online Registrations tile. This time, instead of tapping the scanner icon button to start the scanner, click the iDMe database name. This will provide a view of all contacts scanned or checked in over the last month.