Club events

Group and café​​​​​​​ runs    Group and café runs are typically run on Saturdays when there isn’t an event on. Café runs are the same as a pack run, although they will start and finish near a café , with the club buying a coffee and the occasional snack.  At these runs, depending on the numbers, several packs will head out on different runs ranging from 20 minutes for the younger juniors through to an hour or more for some of the seniors. The pace is generally relaxed with the pack leader attempting to keep everyone together. The aim of these packs is to enjoy a group run at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you can’t run and chat – you are going too fast. The last 1 or 2 kilometres may turn in to a “run in” which is effectively a race for those that have the energy. Nothing too serious and a great way to explore some new tracks.

Summer 5K series       At least ten 5k timed series of races runs from December to March on courses in Waikanae and Raumati. These races are part of our out of season racing. They are open to anyone and include a walking section. The walk starts at 6:15pm and the run at 6:30pm, with registration opening from 5:45pm  The events are free to club members and open to non-club members for a small entry fee: $5 for individuals, $10 for a family. Some spot prizes are offered at each event.

Off-Road Series     The number of races in this timed series varies as we fit these around the other events in the winter calendar.  These are run on a Sunday at 2pm with registration 15m prior. They are all run in Waikanae Park over a 1.5km course using the perimeter of the playing fields and the tracks though the bush.   You can choose the number of laps you run, from 1 to 4.  The events are free to club members and open to non-club members for a small entry fee: $5 for individuals, $10 for a family. ​​​​​​​

Handicap Race Series    There are up to four races in this series. The races are run as an open handicap race where the runners start at different times according to their running speed. The distance is around 5km for senior runners, between 1-3km for juniors, and about 3km for walkers.

Paekākāriki Road Races (& Paremata Handicap)The club revived the old Paekakariki Road race in 2007. There is a choice of 5km, and 10km events on an undulating course around Paekākāriki. This race now incorporates the Paremata Handicap.

Points System   A points system is run during the season and trophies are awarded for the best veteran man, veteran woman, man and woman as a result. Points are awarded for the fastest times. So the faster you run, the more points you will earn – just finishing will earn a couple of points. The events that count in the points system are: Shaw Baton, University Relay, Round the Masts, Handicap Race Series, Dorne Cup, Vosseler Shield, Club Cross-Country Championships, Centre Cross-Country Championships, Paremata Handicap, Centre Road Championships.

Club Cross Country Champs        Many of the club trophies are awarded for this event which has been held recently at Waikanae Park on a reasonably level grass course. (I.e. level apart from the hills) Distances range from 2km for the younger juniors through to about 10km for senior men. Occasionally this is combined with the Athletics Wellingtons cross country champs.