​​​​​​​Club Information and Track Rules

This list of track rules is set out for members information. Please make yourself familiar with these rules, which are needed for the efficient and safe use of the clubs over $1,000,000 worth of  facilities. It is your responsibility to see that these rules are followed. Any changes in these rules will be published here and emailed to members.

Financial Members

Members must be either:

  • Racing Members (Junior or Senior)
  • Family Members
  • Social Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Life Members

All members should be able to produce a current membership identification card on request by a club official.

Racing Members

Must apply to KartSport New Zealand for a KartSport driving licence within one month of joining the club. After this month a Racing member must produce a current licence at each club day to be eligible to race. Licence application details are available from the club secretary or


It is compulsory to have a transponder on your kart on race day. Transponders can be purchased or leased on a permanent basis from KartSport New Zealand, the club has some transponders that can be temporarily leased for a club day.

Club Day

Club days are normally run once a month unless another event is scheduled. Any changes to advertised dates will appear here and be emailed. Other karting events are also advertised in this area.

The club day timetable is:


  • 7.00 Gates open
  • 8.00 – 8.30 Scrutineering of karts, uniforms, helmets, gloves, licences
  • 8.35 - 8.55 Drivers briefing
  • 9.00 Practice rounds (note that this may occasionally fall before drivers briefing)
  • 10.00 Racing starts. Club days normally include five heats for each class.
  • Lunch break normally follows the second round of heats
  • 4.30-5.00 Racing finishes
  • 5.00 Track closed, prizegiving commences


  • 7.30 Gates open
  • 8.30 – 8.55 Scrutineering of karts, uniforms, helmets, gloves, licences
  • 9.00 - 9.25 Drivers briefing
  • 9.30 Practice rounds (note that this may occasionally fall before drivers briefing)
  • 10.30 Racing starts. Club days normally include five heats for each class.
  • Lunch break normally follows the second round of heats
  • 4.30-5.00 Racing finishes
  • 5.00 Track closed, prizegiving commences


Club day entry fees are $50.00. One Day licences are available for those without racing licences to have a trial day. The cost is $50 over and above the race fee.

Demonstration Drives

Time is available after racing, and perhaps at lunch time, for potential members to hire the clubs have-a-go karts.

Gate Payment

No fee is charged for entry to club days for spectators or support crew.

Club Day Classes

  • Cadet ROK or Cadet Raket
  • Vortex Mini-ROK
  • Junior Rotax Max and Junior 100cc Yamaha
  • Briggs Junior
  • Clubsport Briggs LO206 Light or Heavy
  • 125cc Rotax Max Light or Heavy
  • Open or KZ2 or DD2

Race Day Entry

Start by taking your kart through scrutineering. Scrutineering checks that your kart is fit to race. Numbers should be on front, rear and both sides. It is normal to use numbers which form some part of your NZKF licence number, but you may use any 2 digit number. If your number conflicts with another in the same class you may be required to change it. Numbers can be bought from kart shops at the track on club days.

Drivers who have not raced before must carry a clearly visible ‘X’ on a separate plate at the rear of the kart. This may only be removed when the race officials consider that a driver has reached a minimum capability level and the driver has demonstrated a knowledge of the basic rules. Ask a race official if you think you have reached a standard which will pass an observation. Karts with an ‘X’ run off the back of the grid.

Registrations are taken at the clubhouse after scrutineering remember to take your suit, helmet and gloves to be checked as well. If you are late for scrutineering or registration you may have to run off the back of the grid all day. After registering comes drivers briefing, which must be attended by every driver and the drivers guardian if the driver is under 18. After drivers briefing there is one round of tuning runs for each class, and then five heats of racing. You may be weighed at some stage during the day and underweight karts are penalized, so remember to check the minimum weights (MAW) for the class you are racing in.


The club shop has hot food, drinks and confectionery available during and after racing.


You are welcome to stay for prize giving which starts about 30 minutes after racing finishes. It is a great time to get to know other Karters, and if you finish in the top 3 a certificate is awarded.


Please keep the pits clear of rubbish and discarded parts by using the rubbish bins provided and if fuel is spilled on the asphalt please clean it as soon as possible before it dissolves the asphalt. The clubhouse should be kept in a reasonable state. We ask for your cooperation.

Non-Club Day Practice

You may not drive a kart without another person present at the track . This other person must be capable of obtaining or giving assistance in the event of an accident. Practice sessions are for a maximum of 15 minutes if another kart is waiting. Separate sessions are required for Cadet RoK, Mini RoK, Junior, and Senior, i.e. only karts from one of these classes may be on the track at any one time. Protective clothing and an approved helmet, as per KartSport NZ rules must be used during any practice session. The club does not charge practice fees – these form part of your subscription. The track is available to members on any non-club day unless otherwise advised in the website or via email. Please restrict your usage and engine running to between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Track Access

As part of your membership privileges at KartSport Canterbury, you are able to apply for a track key with a $20 refundable bond. 

To be eligible for a track key you must:

  • Be a financial member of KartSport Canterbury

Click here to apply for a Track Key

Your Responsibilities

When you open the gate you must lock it again when you have entered. This ensures that non-club members do not enter without your knowledge and provide a possible conflict with our Health and Safety requirements. You may practice only between during the practice times available.  Please see here. Practice outside these hours may result in your being expelled from the club and will certainly create problems with the clubs neighbours. You are responsible for making sure that the track and buildings are secure when you leave. If you found (or created) any damage to the track or buildings please ring the President or Secretary as soon as possible.