Kereru Netball Club 2024 Committee

Lisa Ewan 

Work at Salcom as Operations Manager full time. Been in the electronics industry for 25+ years. Been involved in sports from young age, coaching and committees. Played Kereru Prem B for many years and captained the team. This year will be my 25th year with Kereru. I also coach 2 teams U17 and U15, which I thoroughly enjoy. My hobbies are anything sports, tennis, basketball, downhill mountain biking, gym, and recent hobby boxing@Boxfit Brothers. Great release for those hard days. Enjoy board games backgammon, euchre, and 500 give anything a go- very competitive. At home have a patient husband - Doug, 2 boys Charlie, Sam and our fur baby Ruby who share my time a lot with my netball family.  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sarah Wenborn

Sarah Wenborn (nee Carr) is the HR Manager at Mortlock McCormack Law, a firm she loves and has worked with for more than 20 years. Sarah loves spending time with her beautiful family – especially story, song and dance time with her three young daughters Winnie, Poppy and Maddi and dinner dates with her husband Matt. Sarah also loves dominating in all board/card games (Catan and Monopoly Deal being some of her favourites), enjoys travel, good food and a cheeky drink and a laugh with friends. Kereru has been a massive part of Sarah and her family’s life, having been involved with the club for 20+ years in every capacity - player, coach, manager, sponsor (Irvine Wenborn Investment Partners and RoadRubber Tyres) and Committee Member. Sarah was on the Kereru Committee organising its 50th Anniversary Celebrations over Easter 2023. 

Rebecca Carr

Hi I'm Rebecca. I have recently started a new job at Christchurch City Council after working in the Youth sector space and as a pharmacy technician. I have played and coached with Kereru for over 20 years, as Kereru is a huge part of my family. I am currently the Coach for our Premier A team and assist with mentoring within our club. I am a big advocate in the junior netball space and love being part of our club’s growth. Away from netball, I love spending time with my 2 children and partner and living life with them. Always keen on a good chat, banter, pizza, and beer. 

Fiona Ross

Work at Kathmandu in HR, Group Head of Total Reward. Been there for 9 years and love it! Currently on Maternity leave with my first Baby - Teddy. Netball is my biggest hobby, have played for the Kereru B team for 9 years. Am working on my comeback this year! Am also on the CMMNA committee and my husband coaches and plays - so it takes up a lot of time. 

Chic Templeton

My name is Chic (Chicquese) For the past 15 years, I have been working as an Office Manager at Pinnacle&Co Ltd which is an Advertising Agency. At home I have my netball widow husband Paul, my daughter Shontelle (16), our dog Boof (9) and cat Bubbles (13). Netball is my greatest passion and hobby. I have been a member of the Committee for 5 years. I consider myself fortunate to be coaching the U19’s team which will be my fifth year with this team and coaching the E team for the first time. I also manage our Premier A team. I love spending time down at the courts on a Saturday getting around to watching our Kereru teams play! 

Jo Carmichael

My name is Jo. For the past ten years, I have worked in Insurance, currently leading a team of insurance consultants which keeps me busy and on my toes. I have a 16-year-old daughter, fur baby Shadow, and husband Paul at home. I've been on the Kereru Netball Committee for 3 or 4 years now, which I love. Who knew organising a netball season took so much work!! This season I am managing 4 netball teams, which I thoroughly enjoy doing, but absolutely no coaching for me, that is not my forte! 

Sara Lyman

Sara Lyman I’ve been working at The Property Boss Ltd for the past 6 years doing everything from accounts, receptionist, PA, fill-in property manager to cleaning the loo I’m a single mum that has a very active 14-year-old that’s heavily involved in dance and netball. I’ve been on the committee for the past 3 years. I’m the manager of 2 teams. My passion or poison (still haven’t worked that part out) is going to the HIRT Lab Gym every morning this is my time to kick start my day. We have a new baby in our lives Star our spoodle who is not quite 2 years old so with my daughter and the dog life is full but that’s the way I like it. 

Emma Johnson

Along with a lot of the current committee members Kereru is in the blood. My Mum, brother, sister and daughter have all played for Kereru over the years and this year we are all here at the club playing or coaching together! This year I’m coaching a year 7 team which includes my daughter Summer. She started playing for the club when she was 4 and after a few tears learned to love it. Pretty sure I’ve gotta be the longest-standing D team member. Playing back when the team was in 2A all the way to its newest position in Senior 1 this year!! It’s been a journey, but the plan is to have that 4th Kereru Prem team next year I love everything about this club. Kereru has a huge family vibe which is what I love the most. I’ve grown up here and can’t wait to watch all our junior K-birds do the same.

Ali Doig

My name is Ali, I work part-time at the University of Canterbury Hall of Residence, Rochester and Rutherford as the Finance Manager. The other part of my time is spent with my beautiful family - partner Sean and two young daughters Arabella and Sienna. I have a big passion for netball, especially coaching and have been involved with many teams across Christchurch over the past 9 years. Kereru has been a big part of my journey having been involved as a premier player and coach. I’ve been a part of the Committee for 3 years and love the lifelong friends I’ve made through the club and watching the young talent rise each year. This year I’ve taken a step back from coaching and playing to focus on my young family but look forward to getting back involved in the years to come.

Bronwyn Charteris

My name is Bronwyn Charteris and I have been involved with Kereru netball for 8 or more years. I have played netball for the 2a and social teams. I joined the committee around 6 years ago as I loved playing for the club and wanted to help out. 

Junior Committee

Shontelle Templeton

Hi, my name is Shontelle, I am 16 years of age. I have been a part of Kereru for 6 years as a player, coach, umpire, junior committee member and little manager of the Premier A-Team. I play WA and C. My greatest passion is netball, I aspire to play for the Silver Ferns. Last year I earned my white centre umpire badge for CNC. 

Taylor Begg

Hi, my name is Taylor I am a junior committee member. I am 14 years old and in year 10 at school. I have played netball since I was 8 years old. This is my 4th year with the club and my second year on the committee. I live with my mum (Sara is also on the committee) and my dog (Star). I love to dance and play netball. I play GS, GA, GK and GD. One of my aspirations is to play netball professionally. Hope to see you all around.