Referee Career Pathway

Touch Module Referee

Controlling module games at provincial level.

Level 1 Referee

Controlling module games and possible selection to Regional tournaments, Junior IPS and Secondary School National tournament.

Level 2 Referee

Controlling module games, Regional and Junior tournaments. Possible selection for Secondary School, Masters, Youth and Open National tournaments. Entry to Level 1 Referee coaching course.

Level 3 Referee

Eligible for all of the above and including selection as a National Referee Group Leader, Entry to Level 2 Referee coaching course, Course tutor, International exchanges and possible selection as a Youth World Cup Referee.

Level 4 Referee

Eligible for all of the above and including possible selection for all International World Cup events and any Elite tournaments or Trans Tasman series. International exchanges including coaching

Referee Courses

If you would like more information or to attend a course please contact your local provincial director of referees.

The Course can be easily completed during an evening and is almost entirely theory. This course allows for “easy entry” into Touch Refereeing and is ideally suited for the beginner e.g.

  • Players
  • Juniors
  • Player/Referees
  • Coaches
  • Parents completed
  • Teachers
  • Students

This course is designed for

  • Anyone who is wishing to learn about the game of Touch

Course Registration
The Course is now available to purchase online for $10.00. Upon payment you will be given access to a course booklet and the online testing component.

Course Costs
One-time charge of $10 payable by credit card (this allows the testing component to be accessed twice per user).


Course Duration
Approximately 2 ½ hours

Course Content

  • Simplified Playing Rules for Touch
  • Basic Playing Rule Application
  • Basic Referee Equipment
  • Basic Referee Skills and Procedures
  • Basic Referee Signals
  • Online multi-choice questions to test your knowledge of this course

Course Qualification
Touch Module Referee course certificate upon successful completion of written test (certificate will be emailed to successful candidates within 10 working days of taking the course).

If you require technical assistance with the Online Touch Module Referee Course please contact Sarah Dance, Marketing and Communications, Touch New Zealand – Phone: 021 286 8246 021 286 8246 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting / Email:

The Course

  • The Course is over one day and is almost totally theory

This course is designed for:

  • Referees who have passed the Touch Module Referee Course
  • Referees who wish to expand their knowledge on aspects of Refereeing and the Playing Rules of Touch

Course Pre Requisites:

  • Completed and passed Touch Module Referee course

Course Duration

  • 1 day –6-8 hours

Course Presenter:

  • Touch NZ Referee Advisory Panel Member
  • Qualified Level 1 Referee course presenter
  • Touch NZ Regional/Provincial Director of Referees
  • Qualified Referee Coaches (Assistants)

Course Content:

  • What makes a good referee
  • Characteristics of a good Touch Referee
  • Referee responsibilities
  • Referee Communication
  • Basic Fitness and Nutrition
  • Referee Positioning
  • Referee Systems
  • Scorecard Procedures
  • Advantage
  • Extra Time (Drop off)
  • Sin Bin
  • Player Discipline
  • The Principles behind specific Playing Rules
  • Specific Rule Interpretation and application
  • Written Examination – Multi Choice

Course Qualification:

  • Attend 1 day Level 1 Referee Course
  • Successfully complete Level 1 Referee written examination paper
  • Achieve an on field assessment through practical demonstration of Level 1 performance standards


  • Level 1 Referee Certificate (Green) and Level 1 Referee Badge (Green)

Course Resources:

  • Level 1 Referee course workbook and Level 1 Written examination paper
  • 8th Edition Rulebook
  • Course resources are free

This course will also

  • Increase future selection opportunities for Touch New Zealand Tournaments

The Course:

  • The course is over two days and is almost entirely practical

The Course is designed for

  • Referees who have attended level 1 Referee course and successfully passed the Level 1 Referee written examination. (Achievement of Level 1 Badge is desirable but not essential)
  • Referees who wish to learn the fundamental practical skills of Refereeing
  • Referees who wish to learn how to solve technique and application problems

Course Duration:

  • 2 days – 6-8 hours each day

Course Presenters:

  • Touch NZ Referee Advisory Panel Member
  • Senior Referee Coaching Panel Members (qualified to level 1 Referee coaching certificate and seeking level 2 Referee coaching qualification)

Course Content:

  • Referee Communication – Theory
  • Referee Team Building
  • Goal Setting – Theory
  • Whistle and Signals – Practical
  • All aspects of Referee Positioning – Practical
  • Dual and Triple Referee Systems – Practical
  • The Touchdown Procedure – Practical
  • Application of the Penalty – Practical
  • Referee Communication – Practical
  • Setting and Controlling five (5) metres – Practical
  • Application of advantage – Practical
  • Fitness and Preparation – Theory
  • Injury Prevention and Injury treatment – Theory
  • Written Examination – Take home

This course will also:

  • Enhance progression to a high level as a Touch Referee
  • Increase future selection opportunities for Touch NZ tournaments
  • Assist entry into the Touch NZ Referee Coaching and Course Presenter programme
  • A must regardless of the level the Referee wishes to aspire and all Referees who participate in the Touch NZ Referee training and development program should be encouraged to attend

Course Qualification:

  • Attend 2 day level 2 Referee course
  • Successfully complete Level 2 Referee written examination paper (75% pass required)
  • Achieve an on field assessment through practical demonstration of Level 2 performance standards


  • Level 2 Referee Certificate (Blue) and Level 2 Referee Badge (Blue)

Course Resources:

  • Level 2 Referee course manual
  • Level 2 Referee written examination paper