Lions Inline Hockey Club

Inline hockey is a variant of hockey played on a hard, smooth surface, with players using inline skates to move and hockey sticks to shoot a hard, plastic puck into their opponent's goal to score points. The sport is a very fast-paced and free-flowing game and is considered a contact sport, but body checking is prohibited. There are five players including the goalkeeper from each team on the rink at a time. Inline hockey teaches discipline and teamwork, how to handle failure and success, it provides a lifetime of enjoyment, friendships and physical fitness.

Lions Inline Hockey Club caters for individuals interested in playing the fast, action packed sport of Inline Hockey.‚Äč We have members who have been involved since the early days of the sport. Together they have a significant amount of knowledge gained through researching, reading, attending coaching courses and events both local, national and international and volunteer their time to pass this knowledge and skill on to players willing to put in the effort.

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