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"A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.”

— John Wooden

Touch NZ offer online and practical course education to support the multi-level and grade focussed options for coaches. Most courses are at no cost through the ‘Taking away barriers initiative’. Be sure to utilise this amazing opportunity while it is available.

Touch NZ Foundation Coaching Course - Online


The foundation course is Touch New Zealand’s base accreditation coaching course. The course is recommended for all coaches in the game or looking to be in the game. The foundation programme focuses on FUN and PARTICIPATION. 

This is then followed up with the : Touch NZ Foundation Coaching Course - Practical. A date and location is set by Touch NZ.

​​​​​​​Touch NZ offers an array of support resources from coaching video clips to printable templates, activities, and books. Once you register for your first ‘free’ online course, you will gain access to these support resources. The more courses you do the more resources you will gain access. Other resources can be found on the Touch NZ YouTube channel or at our online shop.

Touch NZ Online Ressources​​​​​​​