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The Draw is LIVE - please ensure you check your game time. 

Please remind ALL players/coaches and managers that bags are to be put on the sideline NOT the base/goal line. We need the goal line clear for our umpires.

If you have a 2pm game and play on courts 1-12 PLEASE make sure your teams bring in the goal padding off their goal at the end of the game and brought back to the trolleys which are out by the umpires room.


Please remind all players/coaches/managers AND supporters to please keep all comments positive whether its about your own team or the opposition.


NO TAPING OF JEWELLERY! This has always been a rule (it is in the International Rule Book) that NO taping is allowed on court. IF a player has a Daith Piercing for headaches they will need a medical certificate from their Dr which will then need to be sent to me so we can grant a dispensation. If a dispensation is NOT granted then the player will need to take the tape off and jewellery out OR they do NOT take the court.

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