Awatere River
This river is not very highly regarded as it only really runs clear during mid winter when everything is frozen or mid summer when its extremely low.

Howeve, it does hold decent numbers of fish
in the lower reaches, but they are normally spread quite thinly. Fish can also be found a surprising distance upriver.

During certain river conditions
trout do accumulate in ripples which makes for worthwhile fishing. The Awatere is best suited for spinfishing, but the occasional fish can be taken on the fly.

The murky water means bold colour lures work best. Some of the tributaries do hold trout, but not enough to worth targeting.

Waihopai River
This is another river that often runs dirty due to snow melt, thunderstorms and a big slip in the headwaters that is expected to take some years to clear. However, it does run clean far more than the Awatere and is an attractive river close to Renwick and Blenheim.

Fish numbers aren't high but it holds a fair 

number in the season, but unfortunately this is when the water is often dirty. Late season can bring good fishing.

The confluence with the Wairau is considered a good spot (fishing in the Wairau) but the braided 
section of the Awatere close to the confluence is not worth fishing.

The middle section up as
far as the hydro dam has difficult access but worthwhile fishing at times.  Low summer conditions can provide worthwhile fly fishing, although spinning is 
more productive most of the time.