Please read the "code of conduct" so you are aware of our school policies.

A code of conduct warning will not be taken lightly.

2024 Player Code of Behaviour 

As a player representing Marsden School you are required to comply with this policy. You must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct and in any role you hold within the School.

  1. Behave in a sporting manner at all times to all players, officials and spectators.    
  2. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.    
  3. Play by the rules at all times and ensure that the School is not brought into disrepute by your actions.  Accept responsibility for all actions taken. Exercise reasonable care to prevent injury by ensuring that you play within the rules. Reasonable care consists of showing due diligence in abiding by the rules and adhering to the official's decisions.  
  4. Wear the required uniform, safety equipment, and tracksuit for every sporting event.   
  5. Don’t make detrimental statements in respect of the performance of any match officials or umpires at any time, including during the game, after the game or on social media
  6. Refrain from using obscene, offensive or insulting language and/or making obscene gestures that may insult other players, officials or spectators at any time, including during the game, after the game or on social media​​​​​​​
  7. Do not engage in inappropriate and/or physical contact with players or officials during the course of play. 
  8. Attend at least 90% of all allocated trainings and fixtures.

2024 Parent Code of Behaviour  

As a parent or caregiver of a Marsden student, we ask that you comply with this fair play code.

  1. Parents/Caregivers and spectators shall at all times conform to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behaviour.  This involves giving support for skilled performances and showing respect for opponents.  Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.  
  2. Parents/Caregivers and spectators shall at all times lead by example in showing respect for officials, coaches, manager, players and other spectators and extend all courtesies to them. Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.  Refrain from any form of personal abuse towards any player. This includes verbal, physical and emotional abuse. Be alert to any forms of abuse directed towards any team member from other sources.  
  3. Respect the umpires’ decision. Display appropriate social behaviour by not using profane, demeaning or derogatory language, or harassing players, coaches, officials or other spectators. Never publicly criticise umpires – raise   personal concerns with club officials in private.  
  4. The umpire may issue a warning to the team captain, if their spectators are breaking the code of behaviour, to let the spectators know that their team will lose points if they continue to behave in a manner, not in line with the code of behaviour.  
  5. Be a positive role model for the players.  Remember that you are there for the participants and to enjoy the game.  

The Principal and/or the Director of Sport & Active Recreation are responsible for ensuring that the Code of Behaviour is met at all times.  If a player or parent breaks this code of behaviour then consequences (which may include withdrawal from the team or a ‘stand‐down’ period) may be imposed.     

We thank parents, caregivers and supporters for the positive encouragement and assistance they provide to Marsden teams and thank you for the good reputation you have helped us establish in the Wellington sporting community. 


If a parent has a question about his/her daughter’s role on the team, the following guidelines are recommended:

​Year’s 7-13:

  1. Ask the coach at the end of training or after a game if they have the time to have a chat. If yes, you can raise your concern then. If no, ask when they would be available and organise a time that works for the both of you to talk
  2. If you do not feel like your concerns were answered, you can contact the Director of Sport (Rosie Kirkpatrick) or Sports Coordinator (Caitlin O'Sullivan) to talk it over.
  3. If necessary, the parent/guardian can schedule a meeting with the Director of Sport (Rosie Kirkpatrick) or Sports Coordinator (Caitlin O'Sullivan) directly.

Please be mindful that:

It is not appropriate to approach the coach immediately after a game or practice and demand a meeting. The coach has a primary responsibility to his/her team at that time.

The coach will have the final say on the playing time of the players on the team but, they must be fair.

The coach is present for all practices and games. He/she supervises the players throughout the season. The coach knows that player’s attitude, attendance and other intangibles may be more important than talent to the success of the team. It is important that you are aware of all the factors that influence a coach’s decision before rushing to a judgment about your situation on the team.