Fast5 Netball will be back!

4 Weeks of fast paced 5 v 5 Netball is coming up, start thinking of your teams now!

Wednesday 23rd March - Wednesday 13th April

3 Grades to choose from:

Social Competitve - aimed at those who have played before
Social - aimed at those new to the game
Secondary School (18 and under) - aimed at teams made up of secondary school kids

There will be music played in breaks, and spot prizes up for grabs for things such as best super shot of the night, and good sportsmanship. It's set to be 4 weeks of good, fun netball!!

5 Players on court at a time.Positions of Play GK, GD, C, GA, GS.

Minimum of 6 players per team - no more than three males on the court at any one time. Males must be in different areas of the court. ie GS, GD, C Goals may be scored from outside of the circle = 3 pts. Players able to shoot from OUTside the circle = C, GS, GAGoals scored inside the circle = 1 pt. Players able to shoot from INside = GS, GA(All other rules are the same as 7 aside including 3 sec rule, stepping, obstruction 0.9m and contact.)

Teams may choose 1 quarter to have as their power play. Goals scored during this quarter are worth DOUBLE.NB teams cannot choose the same quarter for their power play. Team that wins coin toss also gets first pick of power play.

Teams MUST provide their own umpire and scorer.   Umpires must come with their own whistle.
Teams may be asked to help set up and pack down.

Social Competitive - TBC
Social - TBC
Secondary School - TBC 

Payment is required prior to the first game.

Entries close Wednesday 16th March