'Te Hua o te Mahi Tahi' The benefits of working together

What? The opportunity to opt into a partnership with another coach for support. You get to choose who you work with.

Who? Any MCN coach 

Why? To be the best coach you can be. To give you support

How? It’s up to you!!! Each partnership decides how they want to run things, eg-share ideas for training sessions, monthly catch ups over coffee, trouble-shooting messages, informal observations. Just email 

When? 2022

Where? Venue of your choosing, can include EA entre courts, meeting room, cafe or beyond!

Marianne Delayney-Hoshek - Mainland Hellers Tactix Coach

“I have used mentors for guidance on planning aspects as well as, managing the players, going to tournaments, work-life balance, game analysis, elements of coaching areas that I would like to work on.

I chose my mentors based on their strengths in certain areas for example when I was planning for NZSS I chose Wai as she is an amazing planner. There are certain coaches that can offer you a full range of skills- I have some who are outside of netball and it is great to have their perspective. For example Fergie McCormack was a long time mentor of mine before he passed away last year.

The process around mentors has to be self-driven by you- this is really important as you will be in control of what you need and when.” 

Ronelle van Dongen - Mainland Hellers Tactix Apprentice Coach

“I believe a mentor needs to be someone you respect and who can add value to your coaching by challenging you, reassuring you and guiding you. It is a vital and key role to developing as a coach. My mentors include two high performance coaches, who I have worked closely with in the past, who provide technical, tactical and personal guidance and support. I also have a 'cross sport' mentor who inspires me by sharing new initiates and ideas, a different way to approach similar situations and comradery.

I use my mentors regularly to ensure I am looking at situations from all sides, to gain clarity when acute decision making is required, to challenge my ideas and provide guidance when I am unsure which way to proceed. They are a great sounding board and the relationship is focused on sharing, learning, guiding and supporting. I highly recommend having a variety of mentors to aid your personal and professional coaching development. “

Ange Leadley - Celtic A and previous MCN Senior A Coach

“Making the step the into coaching a Prem 1 team can be pretty daunting, but one that was made a lot easier for me with the help and support of some amazing people that I have around, and I for one make the most of these people.  In the early days of my coaching, I got myself a mentor to help me talk through trainings, games, engaging the team and management of the courtside.  I owe a lot to my mentor, Jan Cochrane!  Even these days, with years of experience behind me, I still touch base with Jan about how things are going and always appreciate her input into trainings and our game plans.  One of the key things Jan has taught me, is to not be afraid to bring other people in, so over the years I have done this and gained valuable tips from them.  It is refreshing to have new ideas and another voice for the girls to hear.”