@ MANDEVILLE 17th October 2024 Start Date

Wee​​​​​​​kly Draw 

Junior Season Draw and Results

Senior Season Draw and Results


Junior & Family Touch – 15 minutes each way and NO half time

Senior Touch – 20 minutes each way 1 min halftime

4.45pm Grade 1&2, 3&4

5.25pm Grade 5&6, 7&8

6.15pm Senior Grades

7.05 pm Senior Grades

2023/2024 Season
Junior Final Standings
Year 1-2
1. Ohoka Magpies
2. West Eyreton Wildcats
3. Clarkville Darts
4. Swananoa Titans
5. Swananoa Superheros
5. Swananoa Jets
7. Swananoa Superstars
8. Clarkville Jets

Year 3-4
1. Swannanoa Panthers
1. Swannanoa Sharks
3. West Eyreton Wizards
4. Ohoka rockets
5. North Canterbury Rippas
6. Ohoka Untouchables
7. Swannanoa Eagles
8. Clarkville Quakes
9. Clarkville Lightnings
10. Swannanoa Ninjas
11. Ohoka Kiwis
12. Clarkville Thunders

Year 5-6
1. Ohoka Rangers
1. Clarkville Bolts
3. Mighty Pukekos
4. Clarkville Surge
5. Clarkville Zooms
5. West Eyreton Wolves
7. Lil Whips
8. Swannanoa Wolves

Year 7-8
1. Ohoka Flames
2. The Westies
3. Clarkville Hurdles

4. XLR8
5. West Eyreton Warriors
6. Clarkville Blitz
7. Panthers
8. Swannanoa
9. Yippee Try Yay
10. Better Late Than Never

Senior Finals Standings
Over 35s Mixed
1. Holes & Poles
2. Beer O’clock
3. That Team
4. This Team
5. Legends
6. Silver Tequilas
7. Thirsty Work
8. Dinosaurs

Open Mens
1. Touch Me
2. Rangers
3. BK Badgers
4. Dirt Turks
5. Dirty Dogs

Open Mixed
1. Charlies Angels
2. Muck n’ Hearty
3. Goonies
4. Side Steppers

2022/2023 Season 

Open Men's

1st  Mud Ducks

2nd Pukeko Prospects

3rd Touch Me

4th Dirt Turkeys

5th Bobcats

6th Wild Turkeys

Open Mixed

1st Beer O’clock

2nd Ball grabbers

3rd Here For The Beer

4th Goonies

5th Magpies

6th Renegade Runners 

Over 30

1st Holes and Poles

2nd That Team

3rd Legends

4th Silver Tequilas

5th Thirsty Work

6th Fibrenew Flyers

Junior Final placings

Year 1/2

1st Swannanoa Knights

2nd WE Whippets

3rd North Canterbury Rippas

4th Ohoka Rascals

5th Clarkville Piwakawaka's

6th Swannanoa Panthers

7th Swannanoa Stars

8th Ohoka Sprinters

9th Insane Bolts

10th Swannanoa Superheroes

11th Clarkville Toutouwai

12th West Eyreton Wildcats

Year 3/4

1st Clarkville Weka's

2nd Swannanoa Titans

3rd Clarkville Tui's

4th West Eyreton Wizards

5th Swannanoa Wolves

6th Swannanoa Sharks

7th Ohoka Fireflies

8th Swannanoa Ninjas

9th West Eyreton Warbirds

10th Clarkville Boomerangs

Year 5/6

1st Panthers

2nd Swannanoa Eagles

3rd Clarkville Kakapos

4th Clarkville Kererus

5th Swannanoa Falcons

6th Ohoka Rangers



9th West Eyreton Wolves

10th Clarkville Keas

11th Yippee Try Yay

12th Ohoka Jets

Year 7/8

1st Westies

2nd Clarkville Moas

3rd Ohoka Heat

4th Ohoka Flames

5th Swannanoa Mud Ducks

6th Clarkville Karearea

7th Clarkville Kiwis

8th West Eyreton Warriors

2021/2022 Season 


Senior Final placings

Open Men's

1st  Touch Me

2nd Mud Ducks

3rd Wild Turkeys

4th Dirty Dogs 

Open Mixed

1st Beer O’clock

2nd Charlies Angles

3rd Here For The Beer

4th Sheep Shaggers

5th Run it Straight 

Over 30

1st Slow but rougher

2nd Holes and Poles

3rd Legends Mixed

4th That Team

5th Silver Tequilas

6th Thirsty Work

7th The Dinosaurs 

8th Fibre New Flyers

9th Touch Judgers

10th Ball Grabbers

Junior Final placings

Year 1/2

1st Clarkville Chaos

2nd West Eyreton Wizards

3rd= Swannanoa Stars and Ohoka Magpies

5th Swannanoa Panthers

6th Swannanoa Knights

7th Swannanoa Superheroes or Clarkville Crushers - No Result

8th Swannanoa Superheroes or Clarkville Crushers - No Result

9th Swannanoa Eagles

10th West Eyerton Wild Cats

11th Ohoka Cubs 

12th Clarkville Cheetahs

Year 3/4

1st Swannanoa Ninjas

2nd Clarkville Commandos

3rd West Eyerton Wolves

4th Ohoka Fireflies

5th= Swannanoa Wolves and  Clarkville Dynamites 

7th Swannanoa Sharkes

8th Ohoka Jets

9th Swannanoa Titans 

10th West Eyerton Warbirds

Year 5/6

1st Mandaville Marvels 

2nd Swannanoa Magic 

3rd Panthers

4th Clarkville Devils 

5th Clarkville Crusaders

6th Swannanoa Fireballs 

7th Clarkville Comets 

8th Ohoka Rascals 

9th West Eyreton Warriors

Year 7/8

1st Clarkville Skidders 

2nd Clarkville Dynamites

3rd Ohoka Rockets

4th The Westies

5th Renegade Runners

6th Swannanoa Buskers

7th West Eyerton Wasps 

8th Swannanoa Rockets 

2020/2021 Season 


Senior Final placings

Open Mens

1st Roasted SpudsOpen Mens

2nd Tap n GapOpen Mens

3rd Touch meOpen Mens

4th Legends MensOpen Mens

5th DirtyDogsOpen Mens

6th Run it StraightOpen Mens

DNF Mud DucksOpen Mens

Open Mixed

1st Beer O’clockOpen Mixed

2ndHere For The BeerOpen Mixed

3rddilfs&coOpen Mixed

4thSticky TouchOpen Mixed

Over 30

1stChasing The DragonOver 30s Mixed

2ndSlow but roughOver 30s Mixed

3rdLegends MixedOver 30s Mixed

4thPhysio SouthOver 30s Mixed

5thSilver TequilasOver 30s Mixed

6thBetter Later than NeverOver 30s Mixed

7thThirsty WorkOver 30s Mixed

8thThe Ninja TurkeysOver 30s Mixed

9thDinosaursOver 30s Mixed

10thWaimak TilingOver 30s Mixed

Junior Final placings

Year 1/2

1stClarkville ChaosYear 1-2 Mixed

2nd Swannanoa NinjasYear 1-2 Mixed

3rdSwannanoa TitansYear 1-2 Mixed

4thClarkville CrushersYear 1-2 Mixed

5thSwannanoa PanthersYear 1-2 Mixed

6thSwannanoa KnightsYear 1-2 Mixed

7thOhoka MagpiesYear 1-2 Mixed

8thOxford Touch JuniorsYear 1-2 Mixed

9thSwannanoa SuperheroesYear 1-2 Mixed

10thOhoka CubsYear 1-2 Mixed

11thSwannanoa SuperstarsYear 1-2 Mixed

Year 3/4

1stCust CrusadersYear 3/4 Mixed

2nd Clarkville CrusadersYear 3/4 Mixed

3rdPanthersYear 3/4 Mixed

4thswannanoa wolvesYear 3/4 Mixed

5thClarkville DynamosYear 3/4 Mixed

6thswannanoa eaglesYear 3/4 Mixed

7thClarkville CommandosYear 3/4 Mixed

8thCust ChasersYear 3/4 Mixed

9thOhoka FirefliesYear 3/4 Mixed

10thswannanoa sharksYear 3/4 Mixed

11thswannanoa falconsYear 3/4 Mixed

12thKereru’sYear 3/4 Mixed

13thOhoka JetsYear 3/4 Mixed

Year 5/6

1stClarkville DynamitesYear 5/6 Mixed

2ndThe WestiesYear 5/6 Mixed

3rdMandeville MarvelsYear 5/6 Mixed

4thClarkville DevilsYear 5/6 Mixed

5thCust ComediansYear 5/6 Mixed

6thOhoka RocketsYear 5/6 Mixed

7thOHOKA RASCALSYear 5/6 Mixed

8thSwannanoa MagicYear 5/6 Mixed

9thWest Eyreton WarriorsYear 5/6 Mixed

10thClarkville CometsYear 5/6 Mixed

11thSwannanoa ShadowsYear 5/6 Mixed

12thSwannanoa FireballsYear 5/6 Mixed

Year 7/8

1stOhoka SprintersYear 7/8 Mixed

2ndClarkville CanonsYear 7/8 Mixed

3rdSwannanoa RocketsYear 7/8 Mixed

4thCUSTARD SQUARESYear 7/8 Mixed

5threnegade runnersYear 7/8 Mixed

6thClarkville SkiddersYear 7/8 Mixed

7thSwannanoa BuskersYear 7/8 Mixed

2019/2020 results

Year 1/2 Final Placings

swannanoa knights 1st 

Cust Chasers 2nd

swannanoa superheros 3rd

Clarkville Chaos 4th

Ohoka Fireflies  ?

Clarkville Crushers ?

Clarkville Champs 7th

swannanoa titans 8th

Swannanoa ninjas ?

swannanoa superstars ?

Ohoka Cubs 11th

Year 3/4 Final Placings

Mandeville Marvels 1st 

Cust Crusaders 2nd

Clarkville Crusaders 3rd

Ohoka Rascals 4th

Panthers 5th

Swannanoa Eagles 6th

Swannanoa Sharks 7th

Swannanoa Wolves 8th

Clarkville Dynamos 9th

Swannanoa Falcons 10th

Clarkville Commandos 11th

Insane Bolts 12th

Year 5/6 Final Placings

renegade runners 1st 

Clarkville Dynamites 2nd

Clarkville Devils 3rd

The Westies 4th

Ohoka Rockets 5th

Clarkville Comets 6th

Cust conquerers 7th

Swannanoa Fireballs 8th

Swannanoa Shadows 9th

Swannanoa Magic 10th

Cheetahs 11th

Year 7/8 Final Placings

Run it Straight 1st 

Ohoka Sprinters 2nd

Swannanoa Swarm 3rd 

Cust Memers 4th

Undefeated Warriors 5th

Clarkville Destroyers 6th

Couch Potatoes 7th

Swannanoa Rockets 8th

Over 30's Final Placings

Slow but rough 1st 

Chasing The Dragon 2nd

Legends mixed 3rd 

PhysioSouth 4th

Clan McGregor 5th

OTW 6th

The Ninja Turkeys 7th

Dinosaurs 8th

Silver Tequilas 9th

Waimak Tiling 10th

Men Final Placings

Mud Ducks 1st 

Touch me 2nd

CCC 3rd 

Legends Men's 4th

Tap n Gap 5th

Untouchables 6th

Open Mixed Final Placings

Touch and Balls 1st 

Beer O'Clock 2nd

Bananas in PJ's 3rd 

Here for the beer 4th

Dilligaf 5th

Sticky Touch 6th

2018/2019 Final Placings

Final Placings Year 1/2

1st Cust Crusaders 

2nd Panthers 

3rd Clarkville Champs 

4th Swannanoa Superheros 

5th Swannanoa Titans 

6th Swannanoa Knights 

7th Clarkville Crushers 

8th Swannanoa Ninjas 

9th Clarkville Chaos 

10th Swannanoa Superstars 

11th Insane Bolts

12th Ohoka Cubs 

Final Placings Year 3/4

1st - Clarkville Crusaders

2nd - Ohoka Rockets

3rd  -swannanoa Falcons

4th swannanoa Sharks



7th Clarkville Commandos

8th Swannanoa Cobras

9th Ohoka Rascals

10th Swannanoa Wolves

11th =swannanoa Eagles

11th = Nail it

Final Placings Year 5/6

1st Ohoka Sprinters

2nd Cheetahs

3rd Swannanoa Magic

4th Clarkville Cobbers

5th Cust Chaos

6th Swannanoa Fireballs

7th Swannanoa Shadows

Final Placings Year 7/8

1st Warriors

2nd Undefeated Warriors

3rd Clarkville Destroyers

4th Swannanoa Swarm



7th Cust Wildcats

8th Ohoka Pumas

9th Ohoka Minions

Final Placings Family Touch

1st The Raptors

2nd Wam Bam Touch me if you can

3rd No Tries on us

Final Placings Over 30's

1st Chasing the Dragon

2nd Clan McGregor

3rd Legends Mixed

4th Black Magic

5th Nuts & Jugs

6th One touch wonders

7th Dinosaurs

8th Silver Tequilas

9th Waimak Tiling

Final Placings Open Mens

1st Wan Shum

2nd Touch Me

3rd Legends Mens

4th Ashley CODS

5th Lacebrook Mud Ducks

6th Untouchables

7th Sticky Touch

Final Placings Open Mixed

1st Beer O Clock1

2nd Can't touch this

3rd Touch me up and down

4th Here for there beer

5th Touch ya toes

6th Touching the balls

2017/2018 results

Year 1/2 

1st  - Ninjas 

2nd - Rascals

3rd = Panthers

4th - Crushers

5th - Lions

6th - Superheroes

7th - Choas

8th - Insane Bolts

9th - Superstars

10th - Titans

11th - Knights

Year 3/4 

1st - Cheetahs

2nd - Commandos

3rd - Dynamos

4th - Falcons

5th - Cobrahs

6th - Wolves

7th - Rockets

8th - Nail it 

9th = Sharks and Rebels

Year 5/6

1st  - Magic

2nd - Undefeated Warriors

3rd =- Sprinters and Minions

5th - Dynamite

6th - Rebels

7th - Lone Rangers

8th - Cobbers

9th - Shadows

10th - Leave them Behind

11th - Fireballs 

Year 7/8

1st - Warriors

2nd - Cheetahs

3rd - Rockets

4th - Swarm

5th - Coyotes

6th - Buskers

7th - Fuzion Frenzy


1st - Dabbers

2nd - Underdogs

3rd - Hit and Run

4th - Raptors 

Open Men

1st - Legends Men

2nd - Beer O Clock

3rd - Mud Ducks

4th - Touch Me

5th - Chicks on Tap

6th - At Least We Tried

7th - Untouchables 

8th - The Hornets

Open Mixed

1st - Chasing the Dragon

2nd - Ranga Gang

3rd - Beer O' Clock

4th - Can't touch this

5th- Here for the Beer

6th- On the tools

7th - Taggers in Black

8th - Africa Toto

9th - Touch your toes

10th - Cust Garage

Over 30's Mixed

1st - Legends Mixed

2nd - TDE Terminators

3rd - Nuts and Jugs

4th - Clan McGregor

5th - D3 Dinosaurs

6th - Family Affair

7th - Silver Tequillas

8th- Waimak Tiling