Melville Rugby & Sports Club

What is the MOB?

The MOB was set up 25 years ago by a number of Melville Rugby Club stalwarts. To this day, the MOB continues to stand by its original mandate set those years ago, which is to offer support to the Melville Premier Men's Rugby team. Our Mission Statement best explains our intentions:

"Our primary focus is to provide financial sponsorship, so the Melville Premier Rugby team has the best opportunity to succeed - This may also include ad-hoc support that we believe will contribute to our teams success.
We may also acknowledge other Melville team’s successes and support projects within the Melville Rugby and Sports Club.

The MOB Membership endorse the MOB Executive to administer this work on their behalf."

Who is the MOB Executive?

The MOB Executive is elected annually by the MOB membership at the end of season AGM. They are responsible for administering the work of the MOB over the following season.

Who and why have guys signed up to join the MOB?

The who ranges from former players, coaches and managers along with club supporters. We have members who are new to the club and at the other end we have life members. We have brothers, fathers and sons, fathers of players and even the odd grandfather of players. 

The why they joined the MOB ranges from wanting to show continued support for Melville to catching up and maintaining friendships made through the club.

Membership fees

First year membership fee for ex-senior players is $125.00 and then $250.00 for each subsequent year. All other members, including new, till 65 is $250.00 per year. Over 65 membership fees are $125.00 (NB. Over 65’s and new members may elect to pay the full membership if they choose).

Further information

If you are interested in joining the MOB or wish to learn more about it, please email