Pat Benson's Breast Cancer Charity Jersey Auction 

We're thrilled to announce an exciting fundraising event at the Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Club. On Saturday,  May 11, the Benson Property Limited  Premiers are playing Napier  Pirates on Tremain Field at 3pm. The team will be playing in specially made pink jerseys to raise awareness for breast cancer. Leading up to the game, there will be an online auction where you have the chance to bid for one of these special  Napier Old Boys Marist jerseys. 

This jersey and the match was the idea of the late Pat Benson. By participating in this auction, we want to celebrate Pat’s legacy and the support he gave to breast cancer. 

All proceeds from the auction will go towards breast cancer research.

Each jersey carries the spirit of our premier  team and represents our commitment to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research and support.

Here's how you can participate and make a difference:

Participate in the live auction. Experience the excitement of bidding on your favourite  numbered jersey while supporting breast cancer initiatives.

Email [email protected]  the jersey number and your bid. 

If you miss out on the online auction, don’t panic as there will be a live auction for 3 jerseys at 6:45 pm on May 11th at NOBM Clubrooms.

Thank you for your generosity, and we look forward to seeing you on May 11th. 

   (click here for jersey pics) 

The list of bids will be updated below each day 

Terry Gittings 

Napier Old Boys Marist



No.        Bidder                          Bid

1.      Campbell Devine             $700

2.      Lucy Homan                    $500

3.      Benson Family                 $500

4.      Sam & Sean Skeet           $500

5.      Kerry Rich                         $515

6.      Paul McGettigan               $510

7.      Brent Clements                $500

8.      Hayes Family                    $500

9.      Terry Gittings                   $1000

10.    John tea                            $601

11.    Greg Mitchell                     $750

12.    Manolo Bezanilla              $600

13.    Mark Collier                      $600

14.    Bill Halpin                         $500

15.    JM Pukerua                       $825

16.    Clint Chamberlain            $350

17.    Emma Chambers              $300

18.    Jason Rhodes                   $350

19.     BJ Mahoney                            $600

20.     Cam Devine                             $1100

21.     Bam Bam Mahoney                $1150