Ne​​​​​​​lson College

Nelson College has produced 21 All Blacks and numerous Old Boys who have represented other countries, many playing against the All Blacks. Probably one of the greatest players produced at Nelson College during the late 19th century was Alfred Nolan Fell, but he chose not to play against his native country. Fell was selected to play for Nelson Province in 1896 while still at school but left New Zealand for Edinburgh in 1898 to study medicine. Fell was then picked to represent Scotland for four successive years from 1901 to 1904.

He was selected to play for Scotland against the ground-breaking 1905 All Blacks but refused to take the field against his countrymen. Fell was never picked for Scotland again. He is believed to be the first New Zealand-born player to represent against another major rugby playing country.

All Blacks:

1893                     G. Harper

1905                     W.E. Smith

1923-1930           J.J. Mill

1923                     W.F. Snodgrass

1929                     R.G. Tunnicliffe

1931-1934           K.T. Cundy

1932-1934           D.S. Max

1932 - 1934         EC Holder

1947-1950           A.M. Hughes

1949                     L.T. Savage

1953-1954           R.G. Bowers

1953-1956           W.H. Clark

1957-1960           E.A.R. Pickering

1958-1962           I.N. MacEwan

1967-1970           G.F. Kember

1972-1973           T.J. Morris

1974-1976           J.H. Callesen

1995-1996           J.T.F. Matson

2009-2018           W.W.V. Crockett

2017                     M.D. Drummond

2017-                    D.K. Havili

2021-                    E.J. Blackadder

British and Irish Lions:

2017                     J.B. Payne


1999                     J.T.F. Matson

2019                     R. Veremalua Vugakoto


2017                     J.B. Payne

2020-                    J.F.R. Lowe


2003-2011           S.T. Vatuvei


2009                     I. Mulipola

2009-2015           S. Taulafo


1901-1904           A.N. Fell


2016                     T. Kolomatangi

2016                     S. Tau

2021-                    V. Tutu'ila