On the 26th June 2010 one tackle changed my life. A brachial plexus injury playing rugby which in short, paralysed my left arm. After a major 11 hour operation, some feeling and movement was restored, but I have been left with no feeling or movement from below my elbow, and little control of my shoulder. Which makes steering a bike with one hand challenging.

Soon after my injury I knew I wanted to be part of Para sport. I participated in athletics, for 2 years claiming national titles in 100m and 200m, but couldn't quite break through to the international Stage. January 2015, I tried cycling at a para development camp. I was quickly fast tracked into the development squad. Missing out on the Paralympics 2 years ago by 2 seconds, only fueled my determination.

I have been to 2 Para Cycling Track world champs. 2018 World Champs in Rio de Janeiro placing 8th in the 1km time trial, and 2019 World Champs in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands placing 6th in the 1km time trial, and breaking the NZ record of 1.09.386 (average speed 51.884 km/hr).  The next step in my journey is to medal at the 2020 Para Cycling world champs, and compete at a Paralympic games. 

I have never let my injury define me or stop me achieving new dreams.