McFetridge Park

111 Archers Road


Auckland 0627

Home to Premier, Senior, Youth and First Kicks Football

Becroft Park

Becroft Drive 

Forrest Hill

Auckland 0620

Home to Youth, Junior and First Kicks Football

With respect to the grounds car parking, there is no parking in the driveway as you enter the carpark. There are 3 car parks to your left and 12 facing the creek, the area in front of the outside changing room is coned off for staff, emergency access and any diability pass holders. Please reframe from parking in between the carparks on your left and right. 

PArking is available on the streets with an un tapped area on Becroft Drive to the southern side of Tristram Ave. Access is off Bond Cres and you can walk under Tristram Ave to the park. Please ensure you respect our neibours and not park across their driveways.