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North Golf Association Inc. was founded in 2018.

The goal was to bring together the governance of two of New Zealand's top golfing districts; Golf Northland Association Inc and North Harbour Golf Association Inc.

The merger was passed by a vote of all 39 member clubs and North Golf Association Inc was born on 1 October 2018. 

Once of the important aspects of the venture was to retain our two separate brands - Golf Northland and Harbour Golf - for represenative and inter-club golf.  Both Associations have great histories of pennants competitions and well established and meaningful representative fixtures that are played annually. Therefore, Golf Northland and Harbour Golf players will still wear their uniforms with pride.

Golf Committees for Harbour Golf and Golf Northland are still in place for all golf-related decisions for their respective regions, and an Executive Committee has been elected to look after the governance of North Golf Association. They are charged with making the operational and financial decisions that will help drive golf in the North.

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