Div 1Carlton Bar Dream TeamSmoking Joes1618:00

Div 2MisceoDowner Beer1518:00

KaffeLogicHagley Owls1418:00


MensMUSB MensTMB Mens1018:00
Div 1FMJSunday Group Mens918:00

Mav DogsLizzards818:00

Div 2Pink PorschesDDW718:00

Team DarmaginMud Dogs 618:00

Lethal LizardsCobbas 518:00

Div 4Demented MolesTight Fowards 418:00

PohutakawasTeam Do318:00

Nifty 50sGillas218:00

Tangaroa BYE

Social MixedMUSB MIXEDRatBags1018:35
Div 1TMB MIXEDSunday Group Mixed918:35

Div 2BDOTryathletes818:35

Inappropriate MixedStragglers718:35

OGzRam Ranchers618:35

Div 4GHD Battlers Beca Barracudas518:35

Worley Who? Organised Chaos418:35

Pure South Pacific Radiology318:35

Div 5Mason's MagpiesReserve Terrace 1618:35

Abbott Try HardsSwitched On Group1518:35

Can't Touch the BlueTorts Illustrated1418:35

All AbilitiesAll Abilities 1All Abilities 21718:35

 Mens Div 3Inappropriate MensHeinemman1019:10

The CentsDad Bods919:10

Easier Said than RunRed Devils819:10

Mixed Div 3Alcoholics Anonymous Legal Beagles719.10

Touching Cloth Karawhuia619.10

PacersWahu Bosh Soldiers519.10