Covid-19 Coaching Updates​​​​​​​

Netball NZ has recently released a Community Netball COVID-19 Levels document. The document aligns to the Sport NZ guidelines around restrictions on sport at each alert level. It is a working document, subject to change, and will be updated as more clarity from the Ministry of Health on the guidelines around contact tracing and hygiene and equipment protocols.

Due to the physical nature of Netball and the inability to maintain 1 metre distancing requirements Netball is considered to be a contact sport by Sport New Zealand.

North Otago Netball will be guided by Netball NZ on when play may resume. Currently no community netball competitions can be played until 19th June 2020. 

FutureFERNS Zoom Workshops

Due to the Three Phase guidelines from Netball New Zealand we are currently unable to run any Face-to-face workshops.

Therefore Netball South are looking at running some Mother Earth FutureFERNS coaching workshops online over the next couple of weeks. These will be held on Zoom and a link will be emailed to the people registered prior to the workshop.

Please see below the information for the workshops and the registration links.

Thursday 21st May Year 3 & 4 FutureFERNS workshop 4pm

Monday 25th May Year 5 & 6 FutureFERNS workshop 4pm

Wednesday 27th May Year 5 & 6 FutureFERNS workshop 4pm

​​​​​​​Netball South has arranged to run Coaching Zoom Discussions with Coach Lead, Lana Morrison.

There will be eight on-line Zooms (two covering each topic) - these have a limit of 10 coaches per Zoom, once you've registered you will be sent a link with Zoom login and workshop material.

Topic 1 - One-on-one Feedback to players

Topic 2 - Team talks, before, during and after matches

Topic 3 - Coaching Tactics

Topic 4 - Coach post Covid-19

CLICK HERE to find the document with dates, times and links to register

There are a number of resources available on the Netball New Zealand website as well as on the Netball New Zealand Facebook page:

CLICK HERE for the NNZ website

CLICK HERE for the NNZ Facebook page


Coaching is a thoroughly rewarding endeavour. People undertake it for numerous reasons such as to give back to their club/school, to help players develop as netballers and people, for their own self-development/achievement, and for the love of our skilled and exciting game!

There are opportunities to coach at all levels at North Otago Netball. These range from Year 1 right through to representative teams.

North Otago Netball, Netball South and Netball New Zealand recognise the importance of having coaches that feel confident. 

Netball South Coach Lead, Lana Morrison, is running a number of coach workshops throughout the year across the zone CLICK HERE to find out more about these.

Coaching Pathway

Coaching Resources - NNZ are currently updating their resource collection.