Covid-19 Lockdown Training Guide

The current Covid-19 pandemic has put some restrictions on netball players training and of course the season. While it is tough news that the season isn’t able to run as planned, it is a great opportunity for individuals to work on their skills and fitness in the current situation.

Netball South have put together a four-week Lockdown training guide for you to share with your netball players, as we still need to train to prepare for a season in 2020. They’ve tried to put together some material to help players to continue to improve their performance from home whatever your situation. They’ve drawn up a plan that requires limited equipment and have included suggestions and examples of how to modify the drills depending on the equipment available.

As we don’t know what’s going to happen in terms of season structure, this programme will give your players a well-rounded variety of training to help get them somewhat ready toward a netball season. We want players to come back to netball with confidence in their ability to take the court and being able to enjoy that time with their friends.

Please feel free to share with any players you see fit and we hope that this will benefit them in some way.

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