About Mother Earth futureFERNS

This Programme has been developed by Netball New Zealand and is proven to be the best fit for the developmental needs of children.

The Programme is divided by age-group and there is a squential development across all of the Programmes, in terms of skill work and game play type. And importantly, there is a huge emphasis on FUN!!!

CLICK HERE for a NNZ press release on this as well as the Junior Netball Policy.

Mother Earth futureFERNS is focused on enabling individuals to experience personal achievements and the benefits for the players and parents are:


  • FUN
  • Development of sound fundamental Netball skills
  • Participation in a safe learning environment
  • Playing with their friends and meeting others
  • Active physical involvement
  • Lifelong love of Netball


  • Reassurance that their child is participating in a NNZ endorsed programme
  • Enhancement of the child’s social and fundamental skills
  • Ability to share skills and knowledge with the Netball community
  • Opportunity to learn more about Netball
  • Opportunity to spend time with and play with their children
  • Prospect to make new friends
  • Value for money​​​​​​​​​​​​​​