Welcome to the 2024 Football season

Welcome back to another year, and welcome new students and families.  Please read this newsletter carefully as it contains everything you need to know as a parent, player or coach.


  • Mr Andrew Chubb    - Football Administrator​​​​​​​

Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew for any further information.

Email:   [email protected]      


All players are to register online using the Football Registration tab on this site. Registrations need to be completed online. You cannot submit the form until all questions are completed.

Players who are playing for clubs are asked to register in the NPGHS Football sporty registration as well. We can link with Central Football regards instances of duel registration.

Subscription Fees

Once you have submitted your registration form, you must pay your subscription fee.  This can be paid either online into the school account or to Student Services where you can pay with cash, eftpos or automatic payment (you will need to get a form to set up this option).  

Fees help pay for costs such as affiliation to NZ Football and Central Football, referees, team entries, uniform replacement, equipment and administration. 

Subscription fees are due before the first game is played.  We have a no pay, no play policy.  Uniforms will not be issued to any player until her fees are paid.

Fees for 2024 (per player) are:

  • $90 for all players
  • $40 uniform bond - please read below to see if your child is required to pay this.

For online payments - Our School Bank Account:   15 3953 0478234 00                                                                                                                           Particulars:  Player initials and Surname     Reference:   Football​​​​​​​

Uniform Bond

Every student who plays sport at the school must pay a $40 uniform bond.  The bond is a one off payment to cover every sport that the student participates in during the time at NPGHS.  

Provided that all issued uniform is returned at the end of the season, this bond will be returned when the student leaves the school. 

If a uniform bond has previously been paid, you need not pay again unless your bond was forfeited.  You would have been advised if this occurred. 

If your bond was forfeited, please pay again.  Uniform will not be issued until this bond is paid.

Parent / Sibling Coaches

A player whose parent or sibling coaches their team will not be required to pay a subscription.  This is to acknowlege the hard work and commitment that a coach puts into a season of Football.


Trials for our 1st XI, 2nd XI and Junior A (Yr 9 & Yr 10) teams will be conducted this term.

Trial Dates: Tuesday 13th February 3.30-5pm, Tuesday 20th February 3.30-5pm, Tuesday 5th March 3.30-5pm, Tuesday 12th March 3.30-5pm

Wednesday Teams

Players are most welcome to make up their own team for the Taranaki Girls High School Wednesday League. 

To do this they need to complete the question in the registration form. Contact can be made also to Mr Chubb via email ([email protected]) with a list of players they would like to play with.  They can list their preferred team mates/friends on this form.  Even if they do not have a full team, we ask that they still use this form as they will be placed in a team with their listed friends.

Please note, even if choosing this option, players must still register individually using this site.

Uniform and Equipment

  • Players will be issued with a player kit which includes shorts and shirt.  Some teams also receive jackets.
  • Players are required to have their own set of navy socks to cover their shin guards. Boots are required for games.

Every item has a unique stocktake number that will be recorded upon issue.  Ensure that the item issued to your child is the item that is returned at the end of the season.  You cannot swap gear or get it mixed up with team mates as you are responsible for returning the item issued to your child (like a library book - your issued item is your responsiblity).  Unfortunately, you will be charged for lost items.

Uniform Management

Uniforms are returned at the end of the season to an assigned adult in each team.  That adult will check the uniform off against the team uniform issue list.  Once all issued uniform is accounted for, that adult will return the entire team set to the Sports Office.  

This is a simple role for a willing helper and could be your small way to give back to the team as a parent.  It alleviates a lot of time and stress from the Sports Department.   

If you are keen to assume the uniform managers role, please tick that option in the registration form.

Coaches and Managers

​​​​​​​WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

If you are interested in coaching or managing, PLEASE let us know.  We need coaches in order to have a successful season.  So please think about how you can help support your daughter.  Remember, if you coach, your daugther will not have to pay the Football fee.

We provide a selection of coaching resources that will assist with practices and games and can offer coaching courses to those who would like them.

We welcome student coaches and will assist them in their coaching role should they choose to undertake that challenge.  

We also welcome older siblings, other family members or suitable friends as coaches.

If you are able to help in any way, please tick the appropriate option in the registration form.  You are most welcome to contact Mr Chubb to discuss this option before you commit.


If you or your business are able to help upgrade our uniforms or equipment, we would be extremely grateful.  Should you choose to sponsor a team, we can assure you that these will be worn by whatever team your daughter is in for the time that she plays Football at NPGHS.  

We are also able to offer other advantages that we can discuss with you and our school principal, Jacqui Brown.  If you can help with sponsorship, please contact Mr Andrew Chubb ([email protected])


If you would like to learn to referee, we will help upskill referees, and pay referees for games.  Watch out for notices about this.


Check the stadium notice board for the latest in Football info.  If you have any queries please contact Mr Chubb