Mounted Games is a fast paced, action packed discipline with riders and mounts displaying an incredible amount of fitness, training and skill.Riders must be athletic and strong with wonderful horsemanship skills and great hand to eye coordination.Ponies are required to be nimble, fast, strong and brave but most of all must have a great brain!This exciting equestrian discipline can be enjoyed by everyone and spectators do not require specialist "horsey" knowledge - just a desire to be entertained!In 2013 New Zealand hosted the NRM World Team Championships which was hugely successful and a spectacle never before seen in New Zealand!!There is no doubt the success of the competition was a wonderful testament to the spirit and enthusiasm of the mounted games community in New Zealand and overseas.

NZMGA is an affiliate of the International Mounted Games Organisation, of which there are 20 member countries from all over the world.

Within NZMGA there are currently branches set up in Northland, Auckland, Waikato,Turangi, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu, Canterbury, Wellington, Western Bay of Plenty and Otago with others pending. Contact details are on the "Contact us" tab

Every year sees National Championships run in Individual, Pairs and Teams competitions. We also run an annual training camp in January, and each branch organises smaller competitions and coaching clinics throughout the year.

Competitions are run in age groups ranging from the Under 12 year old "minis" to the veterans at 35 years and over. And some of them are well over! The Open section is available to competitors of any age and is keenly contested each time.

Click here to see a clip of mounted games in New Zealand, thanks to Michael Thompson!