Catching up with...Waterview Laundromat

Over the last seven years Waterview Laundromat have formed a strong bond with rugby league in Auckland, and are the go-to shop for all of the Otara Scorpions' laundry needs.

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After opening a new store at 2/18 Dissmeyer Drive, Clover Park, owner Divesh Kumar is delighted to be involved with the Scorpions and to be supporting local grassroots rugby league.

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"We love to give back to the community because they are our supporters as well," Divesh says.

"I enjoy the people I meet through the Otara club, they are very family-orientated people.

"We already had a strong connection with the likes of Richmond Rovers, Pt Chevalier Pirates and Ponsonby Ponies at our Waterview store.


“We were looking for a club to help near our store at Clover Park.

"From there I met with Scorpions chairman Willie Maea and we formed our partnership between the Scorpions and Waterview Laundromat."

Divesh opened his first laundromat in Waterview back in 2009, and tailors his hours and services to suit the needs of local people.

"We open long hours - 6am through to 10pm - to give flexibility to people like shift workers, who might need to do laundry early in the morning or later at night," he said.

"We also pride ourselves on having very affordable prices.”

And while he is a league fan who often gets out to watch local club games, Divesh says he doesn't dare give the game a go himself.

"I do like watching league, I have never played though - I'm not sure my body could handle it!

"I go now and then and enjoy watching the games and having a couple of beers at the club after the game.

"Lately I have been a bit busy, I have four kids ranging from one to nine years old, so that keeps me busy!”

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