Our Location

Corner of Great South Rd and Chapel St:
Papakura (South), Auckland.

​​​​​​​Club Days

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
9.30 to 12.30

          Phone Number 021 024 80871

Tuesday Twilight (during daylight savings)
BBQ dinner and croquet - all welcome (a fee applies)
5pm -7pm weather permitting
Enquiries Phone Libby 09 2981121 or 0272849868
or Dorothy 09 2987597 or 0272897597

Introduction to the Club:
A warm welcome to the Papakura Croquet Club.
We are a club with 4 lawns, our own club house and a membership of 40+ players.

Croquet is a non-contact game suitable for people of all ages, male and female, also families, who are looking for a challenging sport.
Can't bend down to play bowls?
Then play croquet!

We welcome new members - if you are interested please contact us to arrange an introductory session for you.

If you are visiting the area and want a game of croquet please contact our secretary or come along to a club day, we would love to see you.

Introduction to the Game :

There are a number of versions of the game of croquet played worldwide. The main international game is called Association Croquet, and this is the game most people know of - either in its organised form (as played in clubs around New Zealand) or as garden croquet. Association croquet is played as a singles or doubles game in which two sides compete against each other by hitting balls through a sequence of 12 hoops.

Another shorter version of the game is called Golf Croquet and it is played in many New Zealand Clubs. It has a much simpler set of rules and therefore can be learned more quickly than Association Croquet.  Games are generally more interactive and take less time to complete. This makes it attractive to those who do not have the time to play the association game, and beginners who can use it to acquire quickly some useful croquet skills.