1. Register online - please note you must do a separate registration for each child you wish to register.  When doing if registering more than one player, on the first players registration please select the first child as Registration 1 player, the second childs registration as 1 if registering more than 1, and if three or more the third and subsequent as 1 under if registering more than 2 players.  When you do the subsequent players registrations, you do not select anything as you have entered on the first registration.

2. To receive socks and mouthguards, an initial Non-refundable payment of $20 is needed (this will offset the Fees​​​​​​ you're welcome to pay full Fees upfront) 

3. Full payment needed by 30th May

PLEASE bring player birth certificate, to an above date

Fees per player

One Child - $70

Family of Two -  $130

Family of Three or more - $170

Full Payments needs to be made by the end of May 2024

​​​​​​​Bank account
Child's name and date of birth as reference