PBA Auckland results and QBW draws 4 June 2021


Jamie Hill made a successful return to the NZ Professional Bowls Association after a break of 10 years by winning the Scottish Singles qualifier at the Remuera Bowling Club in Auckland on Sunday. However it was not all plain sailing being pushed to tie-breakers in several matches on both days of competition.

No game was harder fought than the final against Wellington’s Rob Ashton. Hill looked to be in control in the first set up 7-3 but Ashton fought back with a three and a single to go into the last end 7-7. The Wellingtonian ran the jack into the ditch forcing Hill to draw to the ditch with his last bowl to win the set. Ashton controlled the second set winning 9-3 to force a tiebreak. They traded ends to take the tiebreak to an excellent tit-for-tat decisive third end that went to an umpire’s measure to decide who would travel to Dunedin in September for the NZ PBA’s Finals Weekend.

The tournament was notable as being the first PBA event in New Zealand to be televised since 2006 with Bowls New Zealand’s live streaming crew broadcasting a quarterfinal, semifinal and final live on Sky Sports Next and Youtube. Search Youtube with ‘PBA Scottish Singles Qualifier’ to watch replays of the matches.

This weekend sees competition start at the other PBA venues around the country with Friday evening action at the Hope Dunedin Bowls Stadium, followed by three days of bowls in Dunedin, also at the Paritutu Bowling Club in New Plymouth, the Hastings Club in the Hawke’s Bay, and the Waverley Bowling Club in Invercargill. The Naenae Club in Wellington only has a Shanghai Singles Qualifier on the Monday with their first PBA proper tournaments later in June.

Feature early round matches in Scottish Singles Qualifier action this weekend include Tony Terry v Murray Glassey at 8.30am on Sunday in Hastings (Terry is in a rare position of having a positive head-to-head career record over 3-time NZ year-end No.1 Glassey) and Ross Stevens v Oliver Mason later on Sunday morning in Dunedin.

NZ PBA Results from the weekend:

Ranking Singles at Remuera Bowling Club in Auckland

1st round: David Motu bt Judy Smith 11-9, 2-12, 2-1; Estelle Hickey bt Doug Thomas 10-4, 5-8, 2-0; Frankie Lim bt Colin Rogan 7-7, 7-7, 2-0; Pat Curtis bt Danny Delany 9-4, 2-1 retired; Tony Fabling bt Norman Scott-Morrison by default; Brian Wilson bt Mark Hall 2-13, 7-4, 2-1; Neil Fisher bt Kevin Beasley 9-3, 8-8; Lindsay Gilmore bt Alison Rennie 6-7, 11-4, 2-1; Jesse Russell bt Dean Edge 16-4, 7-1.2nd round: Hickey bt Motu 7-6, 9-4; Lim bt Curtis 8-6, 4-10, 2-1; Wilson bt Fabling 9-7, 6-8, 2-1; N.Fisher bt Gilmore 10-3, 8-5; Russell bt Ashleigh Jeffcoat 11-12, 8-5, 2-1; Lisa Mundell bt Kimberley Hemingway 8-7, 3-11, 2-1; Alan Bowler bt Nick Thompson 7-4, 4-7, 2-1; Mike Bradshaw bt Joe Whitelaw 16-1, 12-7; Bart Robertson bt Phil Taylor 13-3, 11-5; Rob Ashton bt David Ball 6-8, 7-3, 2-0; Linda Ralph bt Diane Strawbridge by default; David Eades bt Steve Ramsay 10-4, 6-7, 2-0; Garry Cotter bt Steve Hoeft 9-2, 11-2; Ron Hayden bt Janine Young 7-7, 8-3; Richard Watt bt Ian Fisher 5-9, 8-2, 2-0; Jamie Hill bt Hetty Bolscher 9-3, 6-9, 2-0.3rd round: Lim bt Hickey 5-6, 10-8, 2-1; Wilson bt N.Fisher 9-4, 7-9, 2-0; Russell bt Mundell 9-5, 7-8, 2-1; Bowler bt Bradshaw 11-4, 5-8, 2-0; Robertson bt Ashton 9-8, 8-4; Ralph bt Eades 10-3, 10-1; Cotter bt Hayden 8-3, 6-8, 2-1; Hill bt Watt 14-2, 5-11, 2-1.Quarterfinals: Lim bt Wilson 6-9, 7-6, 2-0; Russell bt Bowler 8-5, 8-3; Ralph bt Robertson 10-4, 5-8, 2-1; Hill bt Cotter 11-1, 12-4.Semifinals: Lim bt Russell 9-4, 6-12, 2-1; Hill bt Ralph 10-6, 9-4.Final: Frankie Lim (Counties-Manukau) bt Jamie Hill (Auckland) 7-10, 10-4, 2-0.

Scottish Singles Qualifier at Remuera Bowling Club in Auckland

1st round: Brian Wilson bt David Eades 10-3, 9-6; Steve Hoeft bt Alison Rennie 7-6, 8-5; Pat Curtis bt Danny Delany 9-8, 8-10, 2-1; Garry Cotter bt Ashleigh Jeffcoat 7-9, 11-5, 2-1; Lisa Mundell bt David Motu 7-7, 7-1; Rob Ashton bt Linda Ralph by default; Kimberley Hemingway bt Graham Skellern 7-7, 9-2; Judy Smith bt Ron Hayden 3-12, 8-7, 2-1; Bart Robertson bt Steve Ramsay 15-4, 7-2.2nd round: Hoeft bt Wilson 9-4, 7-8, 2-1; Cotter bt Curtis 13-5, 10-4; Ashton bt Mundell 8-7, 9-1; Hemingway bt Smith 11-1, 9-3; Colin Rogan bt Robertson 10-1, 9-9; Joe Whitelaw bt Hetty Bolscher 10-1, 10-2; Leeane Poulson bt Diane Strawbridge by default; Dean Edge bt Lindsay Gilmore 3-8, 15-7, 2-0; Estelle Hickey bt Alan Bowler 9-6, 11-11; Doug Thomas bt Kevin Beasley 6-6, 8-3; Mike Bradshaw bt Tony Fabling 9-3, 7-7; Mark Hall bt Norman Scott-Morrison by default; Jamie Hill bt David Ball 8-4, 9-9; Nick Thompson bt Richard Watt 10-3, 10-4; Frankie Lim bt Neil Fisher 5-6, 9-4, 2-1; Jesse Russell bt Ian Fisher 5-5, 5-5, 2-1.3rd round: Cotter bt Hoeft 11-7, 6-9, 2-0; Ashton bt Hemingway 12-3, 9-5; Rogan bt Whitelaw 11-5, 5-7, 2-1; Poulson bt Edge 11-8, 11-7; Thomas bt Hickey 3-10, 9-5, 2-0; Hall bt Bradshaw 8-3, 9-1; Hill bt Thompson 0-9, 7-2, 2-1; Russell bt Lim 7-6, 10-6.Quarterfinals: Ashton bt Cotter 10-2, 13-1; Rogan bt Poulson 8-6, 3-10, 2-0; Hall bt Thomas 9-4, 6-8, 2-1; Hill bt Russell 4-6, 12-3, 2-1.Semifinals: Ashton bt Rogan 9-7, 2-12, 2-1; Hill bt Hall 12-1, 9-4.Final: Jamie Hill (Auckland) bt Rob Ashton (Wellington) 8-7, 3-9, 2-1.Jamie Hill will play in the NZ PBA Finals Weekend in Dunedin Sep 10-12.

NZ PBA Draws for this weekend:

Name v Name [head-to-head PBA singles career record]

Shanghai Singles Qualifier at Paritutu Club in New Plymouth on Sat 5 Jun:

1st round at 8.30am.

Ranking Singles at Paritutu Club in New Plymouth on Sun 6 Jun:

1st round at 8.30am: Steve Muller v Cathy Andrews [1-0 Muller]; Steve Temperton v Ian Andrews; Phil Corney v Briar Atkinson; Phillip Huwyler v Bruce Mummery; John Cottam v Gavin Scrivener; Craig De Faria v Bruce Hall [1-0 Hall]; Rhonda Adams v Kevin Gledhill; Nathan Nelson v Eleni Meimaris; Greg Taylor v Aidan Zittersteijn.2nd round at 8.30am: Jayden Ravji v winner Taylor/Zittersteijn; Greg Oldridge v Ryan Vincent; Kevan Sellers v Camron Horo; Steve Cottam v Kaylin Huwyler.

Scottish Singles Qualifier at Paritutu Club in New Plymouth on Mon 7 Jun:

1st round at 8.30am: Bruce Mummery v Greg Taylor; Craig De Faria v Camron Horo; Gavin Scrivener v Ryan Vincent [2-0 Scrivener]; Kaylin Huwyler v Nathan Nelson; Aidan Zittersteijn v Cathy Andrews; Briar Atkinson v Phil Corney; Ian Andrews v Greg Oldridge [1-1]; Phillip Huwyler v Steve Temperton; Kevin Gledhill v Rhonda Adams.2nd round at 8.30am: Steve Cottam v winner Gledhill/Adams; Bruce Hall v Steve Muller [1-1]; John Cottam v Kevan Sellers; Jayden Ravji v Eleni Meimaris.

Ranking Singles at Hastings Club on Sat 5 Jun:

1st round at 8.30am: Maika Hapuku v David Jones; Zemanel Rio De Silva v Brian Looker; Tony Terry v Scotty McGavin [1-1]; Dave Porteous v Grant Sargison [1-0 Sargison]; Mike Amy v Shirley Poutu; Steve Love v Merv Brown [3-0 Love]; Paul Sorensen v Coral Lukies; Dean Drummond v Steve Asquith; Glen Curtis v Lisa Carlson; Kerrin Fair v Jack Giddy; Mike Isaacson v Cliff Webber.2nd round at 8.30am: Paul Viggers v winner Isaacson/Webber; Peter Jones v James Bragger; Sue Rogers v Eric Pattillo.

Scottish Singles Qualifier at Hastings Club on Sun 6 Jun:

1st round at 8.30am: Sue Rogers v Cliff Webber; Steve Love v Eric Pattillo; Lisa Carlson v Scotty McGavin [2-0 McGavin]; James Bragger v Jack Giddy; Tony Terry v Murray Glassey [3-1 Terry]; Peter Jones v Paul Viggers; Paul Sorensen v Maika Hapuku; Steve Asquith v Dean Drummond; Grant Sargison v Dave Porteous [1-0 Sargison]; Glen Curtis v David Jones; Mike Amy v Merv Brown [1-0 Brown].

2nd round at 8.30am: Zemanel Rio De Silva v winner Amy/Brown; Brian Looker v Mike Isaacson; Shirley Poutu v Kerrin Fair.

Shanghai Singles Qualifier at Hastings Club on Mon 7 Jun:

1st round at 8.30am.

Bedpost Ranking Singles at Hopes Dunedin Bowls Stadium

1st round on Fri 4 Jun at 6pm: Bill Hinton v Alister Young; Rik Moss v Paul Everett; Neil Louw-Young v Brent Taggart; Sacha Taylor v John Moana; David Robinson v Grant Simpson; Graeme Hislop v Ross Stevens; Karl Tamati v Grant Fleury; Mitch Cook v Bob Sanders.1st round on Fri 4 Jun at 7.30pm: David Natta v Travis Cook; Jeff Nowell v Doug Coombes; Tania Woodham v Brent McEwan [1-0 McEwan].2nd round on Fri 4 Jun at 7.30pm: Marty Kreft v Pam Walker.1st round on Sat 5 Jun at 8.30am: Joko Susilo v David McNeill; Paul Spooner v Ray Webster; Nick Buttar v Cameron Wood; Duane White v Paul King [2-1 White]; Hilda Bennett v Shayne Chisnall; Cooper Stumbles v Beth Brown; Tommy McGregor v Louise Natta; Brian Harvey v Sue Smeaton.1st round on Sat 5 Jun at 10am: Tom Taiaroa v Carl Street; Phil Austin v Sandy McNoe; Jamie Nicol v Elliot Mason; Marshall Stoddart v Tala Kelly [1-0 Stoddart].1st round on Sat 5 Jun at 12noon: Rob Fensom v Miguel Rodriguez; Bevan Meddings v Oliver Mason; Graham Cook v Adam McGregor; Wally Shaw v Ken Walker [1-1]; Sheldon Bagrie-Howley v Graeme Stoddart; Alex Cross v Murray Wilson; Bruce McDowell v Rueben Silva.

Scottish Singles Qualifier at Hopes Dunedin Bowls Stadium on Sun 6 Jun

1st round at 8.30am: Bevan Meddings v Shayne Chisnall; Cameron Wood v Rik Moss; Paul King v Cooper Stumbles; Travis Cook v Sacha Taylor; Ken Walker v Alex Cross; Ray Webster v Graham Cook; Carl Street v Adam McGregor; Marty Kreft v Graeme Hislop [1-0 Hislop].1st round at 9.30am: Marshall Stoddart v Duane White; Jeff Nowell v Sue Smeaton; Tala Kelly v Brent Taggart; Grant Fleury v Tommy McGregor.1st round at 11.30am: Ross Stevens v Oliver Mason [1-1]; Rueben Silva v Wally Shaw [1-0 Shaw]; Bob Sanders v Phil Austin; Nick Buttar v Sandy McNoe.1st round at 1.30pm: Brent McEwan v Graeme Stoddart; Beth Brown v Bruce McDowell; Hilda Bennett v Louise Natta; Tania Woodham v David Natta; Bill Hinton v Miguel Rodriguez [1-1]; Dave Robinson v Brian Harvey; Sheldon Bagrie-Howley v Doug Coombes [1-0 Bagrie-Howley]; Pam Walker v Paul Everett.1st round at 2.30pm: John Moana v Neil Louw-Young; Paul Spooner v David McNeill; Grant Simpson v Elliot Mason; Karl Tamati v Jamie Nicol; Tom Taiaroa v Mitch Cook [1-0 Taiaroa]; Murray Wilson v Alister Young 2nd round at 2.30pm: Joko Susilo v Rob Fensom.

Shanghai Singles Qualifier at Hopes Dunedin Bowls Stadium on Mon 7 Jun

1st round at 9am.

World Indoor Pairs Qualifier at Waverley Bowling Club in Invercargill on Sat 5 Jun

1st round: Bruce Ross & Brent Thomson v Peter Bain & Bevan Burt; Murray Swain & Bevan Clark v Mua Toomata & Paul McEntyre; Kelvin & Debbie Jackson v Richie Muir & Ken McConnell; Dave Bean & Julie O’Connell v Brent Webster & Russell Cooke; Mark Bermingham & Fraser Purdue v Sonny Tautari & Kerry Williams; Sue Dillon & Simon Webster v Lyall Spencer & Craig Tinker; Matt Tautari & Thomas Eruera v Kerry Heffer & Paul Calvert; Peter Dunne & Wendy Sutherland v Tony & Thomas Cockerill.

Scottish Singles Qualifier at Waverley Bowling Club in Invercargill on Sun 6 Jun

1st round at 8.30am: Murray Swain v Thomas Eruera.2nd round at 8.30am: Simon Webster v winner Swain/Eruera; Sue Dillon v Craig Merrilees; Mua Toomata v Brent Thomson; Kerry Williams v Lyall Spencer; Peter Bain v Craig Tinker; Dave Bean v Matt Tautari; Fraser Purdue v Debbie Jackson; Mark Bermingham v Paul Calvert; Ken McConnell v Tony Cockerill; Paul McEntyre v Kerry Heffer [1-0 Heffer]; Russell Cooke v Kelvin Jackson [1-0 Jackson]; Peter Dunne v Bruce Ross; Brent Webster v Sonny Tautari [1-0 Webster]; Thomas Cockerill v Bevan Clark; Richie Muir v Wendy Sutherland [2-0 Muir]; Julie O’Connell v Bevan Burt.