Marist Hockey Club (PN)

With the ever increasing reports in the media of reported cases of sports people being caught purchasing or having failed a drug test resulting in a substantial playing ban, it may be an appropriate time to remind our club members of their personal responsibilities when competing in any sport at any level.

“Ignorance” is no longer an excuse for not knowing what you can or can’t take around the use of supplements (protein powders, pre-work out supplements), medical prescriptions, performance enhancing drug or recreational drugs you are possibly using - plus it’s no longer the just the domain of the elite athlete that can be subjected to a random drug test by Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ).

The recreational sports person, once they have registered to play in their chosen sport with their local governing body (Manawatu Rugby or Manawatu Netball) in conjunction with their National body (New Zealand Rugby or Netball New Zealand), are subject to possible random drug testing from DFSNZ.

The ban from a failed test is just not worth thinking about, as the ban is from all sport, not just your chosen one, and applies worldwide, not just in New Zealand.

The key point to remember is that “Ignorance” is no longer an excuse here, so if you any questions or concerns use the following to link to Drug Free Sport New Zealand to get those answer you may be after:

“Protect yourself.  Please let’s keep it legal and enjoy the sport you play”

As Members of Marist Hockey Club (PN) we are bound by the drug testing requirements of Drug Sport NZ.